Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


34. Chapter Thirty-Four

I woke up first before Harry. When I open my eyes, I saw his curly hair covering his face. I notice that he had his arm around my waist so I carefully left the bed, trying not to wake him up. I wore some slippers then went out of the room. As I went down the stairs, Liam and Niall were on the kitchen debating on what to cook.

"Hey, morning guys." I say, rubbing my eyes. They smile at me before they dropped the bowl in their hands, a shocked look on their face. "Why?" I ask.

They both stared at eachother before they gestured at my clothing.

I roll me eyes. "Whatever, guys." I say, flipping them off. I made my way toward them and started making coffee. When I turned around, they were still staring so I giggled. "If you continue to stare, I swear I'll tell you to your girlfriends." they immediately looked away and I laughed. They were trying to make pancakes and they obviously had a hard time so I took the bowl from them and said, "Don't worry. I'll do breakfast. Just, leave."

They jumped happily and kissed me on the cheek before they ran toward the living room preparing the video games. A second later, Niall came back to slap my inner thigh and I yelped and he ran away. "Niall!" I shout. I laughed silently and continued to prepare breakfast. I noticed that I needed sugar so I looked around for it and found them on the high cupboard. I tip toed so I could reach it but I couldn't. Suddenly, a tall figure went behind me and pressed his body to mine and grabbed the sugar for me. His crotch was hard on my ass and I tried my best not to look horny.

When I turned around, Harry stood there holding the jar of sugar. He had his hand extended above him and I jumped to take it away from him. I had a hard time, of course. He was six flat while I was 5. He grinned down at me, and I rolled my eyes and just walked away.

"Hey! I was just kidding!" he laughs. He places the sugar on the counter, just in front of me and I gave in, taking it from the counter. Suddenly, he stops laughing and his eyes darken. "Why are you wearing that?" he asks.

I shrug. "What do you want me to wear?"

He suddenly grabs my wrist and yanks me inside our room. I look at him confused while he rummaged through his luggage and threw me his shirt. "There, that's more presentable than that." he says. He leaves the room and I was left inside with no onter choice but to wear it.

It reached mid- thigh and I went down to see everyone awake already. They were all in the kitchen, waiting for Kiera to finish cooking the pancakes.

"Woah." I hear Louis whistle. He smirked at Harry while Harry rolled his eyes and walked away, grabbing some coffee.

"Morning!" Kiera calls. She places the pancakes on the plate and gave them one by one to the lads and they accepted it happily and ran toward the dining table. When she saw what I was wearing, her eyes go wide and she pulls me beside her in the coach.

"Did it feel good?" she asks.

I roll my eyes. "Kiera, we didn't sleep together. And I think, we never will." I answer, feeling the hurt.

It was already seven and we just had an hour left before the party starts. We bought some beer, soda and chips and lay them all in the counter. We mostly removed the stuff in the living room so there was space for the dance floor. Zayn arranged a booth in the left corner and told us that he will be the dj tonight. It was actually really nice.

I went up to my room to start getting ready. I took a bath first then after, started fixing my hair. I messily curled it and made sure it went to different directions.

After, I fix my make- up and then wore my black dress and heels. It was party time.

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