Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


13. Chapter Thirteen

Louis was aggressive when he took me shopping, He wanted the best. We went to this specific shop and 2 girls went straight to Louis.

“May we help you?” they asked.

“Yes, please.” He answers. “I would love the best gown for this young lady over here.”

“Yes, sir. Is their any specific color you’d like?”

“Uh- Black.” I answered but Louis rejects. “Green for the lady.” The girls follow and walked away looking for a green gown.

“Louis, from all colors, why green?” I ask.

“It matches your eyes.” He answers.

I crossed my arms. “Oh, really now?” I sat in the corner, waiting and all I had to do for the whole time was to stand up while Louis grabbed from one dress to another. In the end, he picked out a strapless, beaded gown that looked really, really, beautiful if you asked me. After that, we went to a shoe shop and he bought me a black 5- inch heels and strolled away. He didn’t even bother asking me if I liked it but it’s fine with me. The salon was next. He took me to the chair and told me to sit, so I did. A guy appeared from behind and talked to Louis.

“What style?” the guy asks.

“I’m not really sure. It’s a masquerade ball, so do you have any idea in mind?” Louis answers.

“Yes, I do.” They guy says.

Louis nods. “Well, I’ll leave first. Holly, I’ll just prepare and I’ll come back for you.” He then walks away and I see Paul walking beside him as he left the shop. Since when did Paul came? I also notice that there weren’t that much of paparazzi’s, but there were, about 5 but they would take pictures from afar so it wasn’t really much of a problem. The stylist takes a hold of my hair and snaps me back to reality. Oh right, I have a masquerade ball to attend to. Time to get ready.

By the time my make up and hair was done, Louis came back just in time. He wore a suit and tie while holding a paper bag with his left hand. "Holly, you look, beautiful! No wait, you look gorgeous!" he excalims.

I blush a little with his comment, "You sure?"

"Of course!" he exclaims. He brings out his wallet to pay the stylist and after, leads me to the bathroom. "The car is outside waiting, you'll have to dress up here and we'll go straight to venue."

"Sure." I answer as I take my gown and heels from him. I take my tank top and jeans off and replaced them with my newly bought clothes. I stared at myself in the mirror for a minute before I realize Louis was outside waiting for me. As I open the door, there was a click and I heard Louis suck in his breath as he saw me.

"Holly, I-" he stutters.

I laugh a little. "It's okay, Louis. You don't have to comment." I walk closer to him as my gown swished in every movement I make and stopped when were a few feet apart.

"Perfect." he whispers as he brought out a black mask from the paperbag and wore it on my face, As he finished, he did the same to himself and took my hand and lead me out of the shop. My gown was- my mask- and my hair-

It was perfect. I felt perfect.

As we arrived at the venue, Louis told me the other boys were here as well.

"And?" I ask.

"You have to hide."

"Hide how, exactly?"

"Don't show up and tell them "I'm Holly" or something. Let's wait and see who'll know it's you first. Okay?"

I smiled.That was a nice plan. I nod and say, "Sure." and I walked away. I stayed in the far most corner and watched as Louis approached a group of boys. Oh, he tapped a blonde. Probably Niall. I see a guy behind Niall with curly hair and I knew it was Harry. I felt my heart beat go faster and I clenched my gown to calm myself down.

"Holly?" a girl called my name. I turn around to find a brunette wearing a gold gown. I nervously smiled at her and she suddenly hugs me. "Holly! It's me, Kiera!"

"Kiera! Holy shit! What are you doing here?" I say as I hug her back. She pulls away and takes a sit and we talk about her trip here.

"Adam gave me some time off and I figured that I should see you guys!" she exclaims. I laugh a little and our appetizers came and we ate. We continued to talk about the things we missed to tell eachother and by the time dessert was coming Kiera stood up from her chair. "I should go to Niall." she whispers and I nod. I watch her as she walked toward the boys and led Niall through a hallway. I look down on my soup and thought about Harry. What is Harry feeling right now? Does he truly love me? My thoughts were interrupted when a man pulled me from my seat and dragged me toward the back of the stage. Where is he taking me?

*Harry's POV*

It's close to midnight and I still haven't seen Holly. I was shocked to find Kiera here and when I asked her about Holly, all she told me was I'll know it's her if I truly loved her. What did she mean? Suddenly, a middle aged man walked toward the stage and made an announcement.

"Good midnight, everyone!" he cheers and everyone laughs. "It's nice for all of you to be here. As for now, we would have a special game for young men out there." he snaps his finger and a line of women came out from behind. The last one -wearing a green gown- stumbled and looked a little scared. "As you can see, we are having an auction for little kids out there. We are gonna bid on these women and the person who gives the most amount wins and gets the girl!" Everyone claps and the auction starts. I continue to stare at the blonde and my heart skipped a beat. Was it Holly? Was it true about what Kiera said? I waited for a couple of minutes until it was finally her.

"Here we have, the mysterious blonde." the man calls. "The bidding starts at $1000."

"$1500!" a man from the left calls out. He looked mid- twenties and had blonde hair. I wasn't giving Holly up to someone like him.

"$2000!" I shout. Liam, Niall and Zayn looked at me with shock while Louis stayed calm. I was right. She was Holly.

"$2300!" the blonde shouts after me.

"$2500!" I try.


I grit my teeth. "$3500!"

He laughs. "$4000!"

I've had enough. I'm gonna get her no matter what happens. "$7000!"

I hear muffled oohs and ahhs while the blonde sinks back down at his chair and looked mad.

"$7000!" the MC says with glee. "Going once."


"Going twice."

still silence

"Sold to...??" he looked at me, waiting for an answer.

"Harry Styles." I call out.

"$7000! Sold to Mr. Harry Styles!" everyone claps while Holly walked toward me. Before she reached the table, I ran toward her and kissed her. Suprisingly, she kissed me back and I was sure I was the happiest man alive.

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