Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


60. Chapter Sixty

"This doesn't feel right." I whine after wearing the dress the girls picked out for me. It was a diamond cut in the middle and I felt like I was exposing myself too much. "Don't I look like a slut?" I ask.

"Of course not, honey!" Perrie says, coming near me to fix the dress I was wearing. She was wearing a pink dress and it was perfect on her. It really matched her pink hair.

"You actually look hot." Kiera adds from behind. She was wearing a dress similiar to mine and it also looked good on her. I could see her bare back and she looked really hot.

"But, it's so tight! I mean, do I look fat?" I ask, turning around so I could check myself on the mirror.

"HELL NO." Danielle answers.

"Holly, you're a model. Everything looks good on you." Eleanor says, handing me a pair of black pumps. "Here, try that on." she says.

"Hey, Perrie." I say, calling out to her while she stood on the corner picking her shoes. "The peachy color looks good on you." I say standing up after strapping my heels on. When I stood up, I felt really tall and I actually laughed at the good feeling.

"Holly!" Danielle calls out. "Black or Red?" she asks, showing me two pairs of heels.

"Red! It's totally in right now!" I call out.

"Thanks!" she says, leaving the black one and went over to our coach to put her red pumps. "You know," she starts. "You should try doing a British accent."

"Really now?" I ask lifting an eyebrow. "Well, I have already." I answer doing the accent.

"You really sounded like one!" Perrie cheers, handing me a black purse. "That's your purse for tonight." she states. I really want to thank God for actually giving me a good part time job as a model. It gives me more money so I don't run out whenever us girls go shopping.

"Are we almost done?" I whine, unstrapping the pumps. "The heels are killing me."

"Yeah, just need to grab some purses." Kiera says. She had a pair of heels on her right hand and when she went back, she had a purse on her left one.

"Ready?" Eleanor asks as we stood up. We nodded and we headed to the cashier to pay our clothes. I remember Harry volunteered to pay for my clothes but I declined, embarassed. When she was done, she placed our dresses on a paper bag separately and placed our heels and purse on a box before placing it on the paper bag as well. When we were done paying, we walked out the store and agreed to go to the salon to have our hair and make up done.

"Excuse me." we hear a soft voice behind us. When we turned around, we saw a little girl with a camera on her hands looking up at us. "Would you mind taking a picture with me?" she asks, sweetly.

"Of course, love." Perrie says, kneeng down to wrap her arms around the little girls shoulder. I bended too to get the camera from the girl and I stayed at the left corner to take the picture of all of us.

"Smile." I sing and I quickly snap the picture. When we were done, I handed the camera back to the girl and she smiled and said thanks before she walked away, back to her parents.

"I love kids." I say.

"Just like Harry!" Eleanor says. "You two can have a child together!"

I snort with laughter. "Whatever, Eleanor. Harry's probably not yet ready." I say and we continued walking to the salon.

"I feel weird." I shout from the bathroom. We went back to the hotel after having our hair and make up done and we agreed that I'll be the last one to change. The other girls looked really amazing while I looked so plain and simple.

"Just show us!" Perrie says. I did what I was told and I slowly unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out to see haning jaws. ( )

"What? I look horrible don't I?"I ask. They continue to stay silent and I rolled my eyes. "Fine, I'll wear something else." I say walking away but Kiera grips on my wrist.

"No!" she shouts. "You look sizzling that it kills me!" she says. She was wearing

Perrie was weaing while Eleanor was weaing and Danielle was wearing

"Are you sure Harry will like it?" I ask.

"Like it? He'll love it!" Perrie exclaims. Suddenly, Danielle grabs my wrist and dragged me out of the room and toward the elevator. When we reach the elevator, there was a guy inside and when he saw us, I could literally see the boner in his jeans. When we reached the loby, I semi- tripped but the guy inside held on to me to prevent me from falling.

"Thanks." I breath. When I finally got to stand up properly, the guy slid his hand down to my bum and I wiggled away from him. "What did-"

"Something wrong here?" Harry asks cutting me off and protected me by placing his hand on the small of my back.

"No, sir." the guy says and he walks away. When he was out of ear shot, Harry took a good look on me before he started scolding me.

"Why are you wearing such innapropriate clothing?" he asks.

"The girls picked it out for me!" I say. Suddenly, I felt another hand on my back and I turned around to see Louis. "Hey, Louis." I say smiling.

"Hey Holly." he smiles back. The next one to greet me was Niall followed by Liam then Zayn.

"She looks great, right?" Perrie asks, pointing at me.

"Yes. OH YES. OF COURSE." the boys say in perfect unison. I laugh and covered my mouth to surpress my laughter and Harry wraps his hand around my waist. "Shall we get going?" he asks. We nod our head before we walked toward the exit to be surprised by paparazzi's. There were a ton and most of them took pictures of me and Harry. About a few seconds, which felt like forever, we finally reached the car and we exhaled deeply when the driver closed the door.

"That was caos." Niall says. He brought out his phone and he started playing some Adele songs. About three songs after, the car stopped and we finally arrived at the venue. When we step out, there were a ton of paparazzi's and fans but for the first time, the boys ignored them and we headed straight inside.

"Holly!" Lou calls out approaching me. "Nice dress." she says winking at me. She gave me a light peck on the cheeks before she did the same to the other girls.

"You look hot." Harry whispers in my ear. I giggle and whispered something back. "You're not bad yourself." When I turned around, the other lads were already in different areas leaving me and Harry near the entrance. There were some people I recognized. There was Paul, Josh and other guys.

"Harry, mate!" someone calls out from the left. Me and Harry looked to the left at the same time to see 4 guys approaching us. They looked really familiar but I wasn't really sure who they were.

"Ashton!" Harry calls back. They finally reached us and they gave Harry a light hug. "Holly, this is 5sos."

I smile. "Hi 5sos." I say bringing out my hand. They each took it and introduced themselves at the same time.

"Ashton Irwin."

"Luke Hemmings."

"Michael Clifford."

"Calum Hood."

The one that really caught my eye was Ashton. He had the same cute dimple like Harry but he had one in each cheek. "I remember now." I say. "You guys did the opening every concert."

"That's us." Luke says, smiling down at me. I smiled back and was about to ask him something too when Harry told us it was time to eat. Me and Harry slowly made our way toward our table with the other lads and sat down. I was beside Niall and Harry and a few minutes later, appetizer came and I slowly nibbled on my food.

Suddenly, Louis stood up and clinked his glass with his knife three times. When everyone's attention was on him, he started talking. "Thanks for coming out here tonight! Enjoy yoursevles and have fun!" and then he sat back down and the party went on.

When dessert came, Harry stood up and went toward the stage. "What is Harry doing?" I ask Niall. He had this huge smile on his face and he said that it was a secret.

"Hello? Hello?" Harry says throught the microphone. Everyone stopped talking and their attention went to Harry. "I'm Harry, wait. Why am I saying this? Obviously you know." he says. Everyone laughs and he continues talking. "Anyway, I want to make a toast." he holds up his glass up high and he starts talking again. "For Holly Winters."

"Awwwwww...." the crowd cheers.

"Anyway, I know I've been a jackass ever since. I kept fooling around with girls and I never cared about their feelings but ever since I met Holly, I changed. Little by little."

"YOU BROKE MY FUCKING HEART!" Luke calls out from the crowd. Everyone laughs and Harry chuckles.

"I know, Luke! And that was supposed to be a secret!" Harry calls out. "I just want to say, I really love Holly and I just want to share that to you, guys." he says. "And Holly, I hope you feel the same way."

"I do!" I shout. "Now, will you please come down already?" I ask, doing the puppy eyes.

"I have to do one thing first." he says. He suddenly calls 5sos and they went to stage and set up there instruments. They counted to three before they started playing a song I thought Harry will never sing. The sun goes down The stars come out And all that counts Is here and now My universe will never be the same I'm glad you came
"Go Hazza!" Louis cheers annoying him. Harry gave him a semi- middle finger and he continues to sing. The sun goes down The stars come out And all that counts Is here and now My universe will never be the same I'm glad you came I'm glad you came.

Halfway through the song, I was really, really red and I couldn't take it anymore. I ran toward the stage and literally jumped on Harry and gave him a kiss. It took him by surprise but soon lingered. I was happy. I was happy to be with him. I remember the first time we met, he wrapped his arms around my waist and perfectly seduced me. I remember our past fights and memories. I remember our hugs and kisses and I continue to kiss him deeply. I am so grateful that I met Harry. I thank God that we met, This is probably called destiny or fate but I didn't care. We were together now and I was happy. I continue to kiss him and I had my perfect piece of forever.


The End...
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