Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


6. Chapter Six

We were finally leaving New York tomorrow. We were on our way to New Jersey to continue their tour and we agreed to go last minute shopping here.

“Are you sure you’re okay going alone? I mean, it’s your first time leaving Los Angeles.” Lou asked me, concerned. She truly cared for me and I appreciated it. I’ve never mentioned this, but me and Kiera came from LA. And I’ve never really left that place.

“Lou. I said its fine. You don’t have to come, seriously. You need all the rest you can get because you’re pregnant.”

“Thanks, Holly. I appreciate it! Have fun!” she said as I go out the door. I wore the outfit Kiera packed in my suitcase; which is, ripped neon yellow shorts, a black crop top and brown leather boots. She said I should start wearing clothes that “seduce” guys. I haven’t really tried so this is probably my first attempt.

As I enter the elevator I saw Niall. He was wearing jeans, a loose black polo and some Converse. His hair was still wet and he didn’t even bother fixing it.

“Oh, hey!” I say. “Where are you going?”

He looked confused. “I was going to see you?”

“Huh?” I asked. Okay, so this is really confusing.

He smiled. “I’m not really sure, either. Harry told me to checkup on you. But you’re probably going out with Harry, right?” Harry was right. He WAS going to help me with Niall.

“Yes and no.” I answered. He squinted his eyes in confusion and I explained further. “I am going out but not with Harry.”

Suddenly we heard a ping and the elevator doors open and we step out. “Really? So, you’re going alone?”

I shrugged. “Who can I bring, anyway?”

His eyes lit up and he looked down at me with his blue eyes. “Well, you can bring me. I have nothing to do, anyway.”

I laughed. “And people will mob us the moment we step out of this hotel.” I said. “You don’t even have your hoodie.”

He shrugs. “I don’t really mind being mobbed as long as I’m with you.”

I blushed. “Fine! You won Nialler!”

He laughs and walks out the door, taking my hand and something bright hit my eyes the moment we stepped out. I thought it was the sun but it was camera flashes and they were everywhere. Paparazzi’s.

“Shit.” He mutters under his breath. He runs to the left, still holding my hand and we went straight to an alley. “Okay. This is hard.” He sighs.

“I told you!” I scold him. I reach for my bag and brought out my pink hoodie. “Here,” I say, handing it to him. “Wear that.”

He eyes the hoodie and smirks. “You’re making me wear this? It’s pink!”

I laugh. “No other choice Niall. Either you wear that or you go back to the hotel.”

He finally lets out a laugh and slowly wears it. “Just promise me something.” He asks.

“What?” I snap.

“I get to keep this.”

I eye him suspiciously. “Fine. Just go. I need to buy some clothes.”

“Didn’t you bring enough?” he asks. We were out now and the paparazzi’s didn’t seem to notice him. I mean, Niall Horan wearing a pink hoodie?

“No.” I lie but truth is, Harry had been throwing them out saying he doesn’t want other people seeing me wearing it. So far, and by the grace of God, he just threw out some of my lingerie.

“Well, what do you need?”

“Some clothes for sleeping.” I answer.

“You can use my old shirts. I don’t even use them after the first time, so it’s literally brand new.” He suggests.

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“It’s embarrassing.” Deep inside me, something sparked and I blushed. Niall Horan was suggesting me to wear his shirts. Holy crap. Thank you, Lord.

“C’mon! Just say yes! Let’s use this day for eating!” he then runs, taking a hold of my hand again and stops at an ice cream stand.

“2 chocolate fudge brownies please.” He says with his hot Irish accent. The man took 2 cones and scooped ice cream and placed it on the cone. Niall then hands him $10 and we walk away.

He looks at me and hands me the cone. I take it gratefully and smiled. “Thank you.”

He smiled back. “Now, what should we do?” he asks.

“Anything.” I answer. I take his hand and we run toward anything we see. This will be a good day.

We reached the hotel at 11 pm. mostly because we went to all the places in New York but because paparazzi’s were all over the place. I got worried that they have bad pictures about us and they’ll spread a wrong rumor and I’ll get fired but Niall promised me that he’ll keep me safe and sound. I didn’t head to my room straight away. Niall said I should stop by his room. And I don’t really mind and all because Liam is there anyway. As Niall clicks the door open, we hear Liam talking to the laptop. I peeked and I noticed he was doing a twitcam.

“Oh, hey guys!” Liam called to us. He looks at the camera and says, “Niall is already here with Holly, but I guess you don’t know her yet!” he cheers and faces the laptop at me. I stare back in wide confusion and Liam laughs. “She’s Lou’s assistant and our beloved best friend!”

Liam continued talking to the fans together with Niall and I watched them from the bed, amazed. Sometimes they can be just kids. Suddenly, I felt my phone buzz and I checked it right away. It was Kiera. She texted me.

Holly, what happened yesterday with the phone call? You just suddenly hang up. Anyway, I saw your pictures with Niall Horan in New York. Good job, girl! Fuck him already for me! Miss you, lots! Xx

I laughed at her message. Fuck him for her? I laughed silently and replied. I can’t tell her the truth about yesterday’s phone call. So I made up a lie good enough.

Hey, Kiera! I’m sorry about the phone call yesterday. It got low bat and I just couldn’t find the charger. Fuck him? Kiera, what are you saying? Anyhow, I miss you more!

I slipped my phone back into my pocket after replying to her message. And suddenly, Zayn, Louis and Harry barge in the room and I looked down in my phone awkwardly. Liam then, says goodbye to the fans and shuts down his laptop.

“Hey, you’re here already?” Louis asks as he sits down beside me.

“Yep,” I answer. I felt awkward being the only girl here and the fact that I’m wearing really short shorts.

“Anyway,” Zayn starts. “We’re going clubbing tonight. You guys want to come?” Liam and Niall answers “yes” right away and they all looked at me, waiting for an answer.

I gulped. “I don’t know. I’ve never really tried and I have nothing to wear too.”

“Oh, you do have something to wear.” Harry says. And this is the only time I notice he has a paper bag clutched in his hand. He then, throws it at my face and I checked it right away.

It was a black dress without any straps in it, so I assume it’s a tube. There was also a box in it and I opened it to see 5 inch heels. “Are you a pervert or something? I asked.

“Why? What’s wrong, love?” Zayn asks.

“Zayn! It’s too short!”

“Don’t worry, love. You’ll look perfect.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up, angrily and walked toward the bathroom. I hear someone mutter, “I wanted her to dress in front of us” but I didn’t know who.

I took my clothes off and wore the dress, voluntarily. It was tight and just fit under my bum. Holy crap. I silently opened the door and peeked. They were all sitting down, waiting for me. How could I wear such a thing? I then, opened the door wider and showed my face.

“C’mon! Don’t be shy!” Louis says as he takes my hand and showing me to the rest of the boys.

“I have no words to describe this.” Zayn mutters under his breath.

Liam whistles low and Niall just stared at my legs. I blushed.

“Well, say something guys!” I shriek.

They all clap their hands and told me I looked perfect.

"Really?" I ask.

"Really!" Niall cheers. I look at Harry and he nods at me. Okay, fine. I'll wear this. I strapped on my heels and we went outside the room, heading to a club called 40/40 club. I was a bit nervous because this is my first time.

We reach the club 30 minutes later and girls were whispering and pointing at the boys. Some went to Harry, some went to Zayn, some went to Liam, some went to Louis and some went to Niall. I figured out girls would hate me if they see me with the boys so I silently walked away but Harry catches my wrists and tells me to stay put.

"Sorry, love." he tells the girl. "I gotta go." he winks at her and she faints. Holy shit. How can she faint from that?

"Harry!" Louis calls. "Easy, lad! Try not to make everyone faint!" Harry smirks and leads me to a bar and talks to the bartender. "I'll just have a Lemon drop martini."

The waiter nods and looks at me. "What about you?"

I look at Harry. I don't really know what to order. Do they have a menu or something?

He looks at me then to the waiter. "She's a newbie, any suggestions?"

He laughs. "Newbie, huh? I suggest Long Island Iced Tea."

"Fine. She'll get that." The waiter then walks away and Harry and I sits on a high stool. Iced Tea? Well.. I think we can work with that. At least there's no beer in it or anything.

"Hey," I start. Harry looks at me and I continue. "Thanks, for you know, helping me with Niall."

He smirks. "No problem. But you have to give me something in return."

I nod and the bartender comes back with our drinks. I put my lips in the rim of the glass and took a sip. I almost thew up. "Iced tea doesn't taste like this!" I say out loud and harry laughs.

"Are you stupid? That's why it's called LONG ISLAND ICED TEA."

I pout. "Okay, okay. You win, Hazza. Anyway, what did you want in return anyway?"

He smiles. "Your body."

I roll my eyes at him. Is he serious? "Sure." I say. "But! We do it later! Not here!"

He nods his head and stands up. "Well, let's start dancing!"

We walk toward the middle of the dance floor and lived while we're young.

The moment we reached the hotel, everything was blurry. They told me I was probably drunk so Harry offered to take me to my room. Instead, he takes me to HIS room. We enter the room and as he closes the door, he pins me to the door and kisses me.

"Been a while since I've kissed this lips." he mutters under his breath. I didn't say anything, instead I kiss him back.

He takes his clothes off then mine. I then, sat on the edge of the bed, looking innocent and drunk.

“You’re innocence and enthusiasm is very disarming,” he gasps. “You, on top… that’s what we need to do.” he grabs my waist and lies down, placing me on top of him.


“Here, put this on.” He hands me a foil packet.

Holy Crap. How? I rip the packet open, and the rubbery condom is all tacky in my fingers.

“Pinch the top and then roll it down. You don’t want any air in the end of that sucker,” he pants.

And very slowly, concentrating hard, I do as I’m told.

“Christ, you’re killing me here, Holly,” he groans.

“Now. I want to be inside you,” he murmurs. I stare down at him, daunted, and he sits up suddenly, so we’re nose to nose.

“Like this,” he breathes, and he snakes one hand round my hips, lifting me slightly, and with the other he positions himself beneath me, and very slowly, eases me on to him.

I groan as he stretches me open, filling me, my mouth hanging open in surprise at the sweet, sublime, agonizing, over-full feeling.
“That’s right, baby, feel me, all of me,” he growls and briefly closes his eyes.

And he’s inside me, sheathed to the hilt, and he holds me in place, for seconds… minutes… I have no idea... staring intently into my eyes.

“It’s deep this way,” he murmurs. He flexes and swivels his hips in the same motion, and I groan… oh my – the sensation radiates throughout my belly… everywhere.

“Again,” I whisper. He grins a lazy grin and obliges.

Moaning, I throw my head back, my hair tumbling down my back, and very slowly, he sinks back down on to the bed.

“You move, Holly, up and down, how you want. Take my hands,” he breathes, his voice hoarse and low and oh so sexy.

I clasp his hands, holding on for life. Gently I push off him and back down. His eyes are burning with wild anticipation. His breathing is ragged, matching mine, and he lifts his pelvis as I come down, bouncing me back up. We pick up the rhythm… up, down, up, down… over and over… and it feels so… good. Between my panting breaths, the deep down, brimming fullness… the vehement sensation pulsing through me that’s building quickly, I watch him, our eyes locked… and I see wonder there, wonder at me.

I am fucking him. I am in charge. He’s mine, and I’m his. The thought pushes me, weighted with concrete, over the edge, and I climax around him… shouting incoherently. He grabs my hips, and closing his eyes, tipping his head back, his jaw strained, he comes quietly. I collapse on to his chest, overwhelmed, somewhere between fantasy and reality, a place where there are no hard or soft limits.

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