Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


9. Chapter Nine

I watched TV while waiting for the boys. Finn just proposed to Rachel and I got a little teary eyed. Oh, all I want is a happy ending. But all my past relationships were just like hell.

My first love was Tyler. I never really got over him until he tried to rape me. I caressed my temples up and down. To think I wasted my virginity to someone I don’t love. Someone who I agreed to be “friends” with. What is it with Harry Styles?

Suddenly, I hear laughs from outside and the door clicks open. I turn my head to see Harry entering the room looking really tired and exhausted. “Oh.” He says as he sees me. He stops midway after noticing all the shopping bags on the bed. “Holly.” He grumbles. He falls on the bed crushing my paper bags. “Get these out of our bed.”

“Our bed?” I ask, surprised.

“Yeah?” he answers. He throws one at the floor followed by another one then another one.

“Hey! Hey! Stop! Alright! Alright! I’ll fix it. Geez.” I grumpily took all of them out of the bed and organized it, placing it properly in my suitcase. I turned around to look at him as I fixed my lingerie but he was already asleep. I laugh quietly at him and I stood up as I placed the last clothing I bought on my suitcase. I walked toward him and covered his slump body with the comforter.

“Night, Buddy.” I whisper as I kissed his forehead.

The next day was really busy. It was finally the day of their concert and everyone is just coming from everywhere. Lou called me early in the morning to fix the boys while she picked out their clothes. I did the same routine; Harry being the last. But instead of trying to dodge him, I made him last so that we could have some alone time. Before fixing Harry, I made sure to grab some coffee from Starbucks to lighten up my day and all. I was also excited for the overnight at the beach later. I was just expecting a day, but the boys agreed we should stay for the night. I can’t help but smile. They’re just so sweet.

I knock on Harry’s door before I enter even though I didn’t have to. People might suspect. He leans back from his chair to check who went in; after he sees me he eases and went back to whatever he was doing.

“Harry.” I call. “I have to fix you.”

“Can I fix you instead?” he asks. He stood up to wrap his strong arms around my waist and he starts to nibble my neck.

I laugh. “Harry. Seriously. You have a concert.” I swat him on his chest and I take a sip of my Vanilla Latte. “Sit.” I command and he obliges, sitting on the edge of the bed. I laid out some foundation to give him some color when he’s in stage followed by a small amount of red lipstick.

“I hate these stuff.” He murmurs as he licks the lip stick off his lips.

“Harry! Stop doing that!” I say. I placed him another amount and he licks it off again. “Harry!” I say, laughing now. I stomped on the ground to show him I was mad but I couldn’t stop laughing. “Stop!” I lay another amount but this time he doesn’t lick it off. “What time does the concert start?”

“Around 1.” He answers with his low, raspy voice. I blush. What is it with Harry Styles? I sip more of my latte and headed out the door.

“Where are you going?” he asks.

“To Louis!” I shout as I reached the hallway.

“Make sure not to play dirty!” he shouts back. I laugh and momentarily close the door behind me.

As I reached Louis’ room, I knocked and waited for his reply. “Come in!” he calls. I turn the knob to see him fidgeting with his trousers.

“Here,” I tell him. I kneel in front of him and fixed his damaged trousers the same time Zayn enters the room.

“Were you giving him a blowjob?” he asks, baffled. A what? I cocked my head to the left and before I could ask him what it was Zayn calls out to the other boys from the doorway shouting, “Boys! Holly was giving Louis a blowjob!”

Everyone ran inside Louis room and stared at me with wide eyes. “What’s a blowjob?” I ask. For the first time in history, Niall explained. “It’s a gesture-“

Suddenly Louis covers my ears with his big hands. “Okay, thanks for the explanation Niall, but Holly doesn’t need to know!”

“She doesn’t?” Niall asks.

Louis nods and Niall shrugs giving me wink. Holy shit. Did he just wink at me? I blush pink red and before anyone could say anything, Paul enters the room telling them it was show time.

Each one of them was headed out the door toward a van which will take us toward the arena. I was excited. This will be the first time I’ll be watching them perform. It took us about ten minutes before we reached the arena and when Paul opens the door, girls were screaming and calling out their names. They forwardly walked toward the fans to give them autographs and pictures and I couldn’t help but smile.

As we were inside, they were handed microphones and instructed us to head toward backstage. I nod and walked toward the back and watched from afar. Someone was counting from ten and when he reached the last number, the lights flicker open and the boys enter the stage being watched by thousands of screaming women. Some wept with joy, some fainted and some just didn’t react with shock.

They started the concert singing Live While We’re Young followed by Little Things. One by one, they sing their songs and the time came when they had to read this tweet. It goes to random and in two seconds, a tweet pops up in the screen. The crowd goes wild and the boys had to wait before reading it.

“If you were to be stuck in an island for a week, what or who would you bring?” Louis reads aloud. “I would bring…” he starts. “Eleanor. Because her smile can almost resolve all my problems, so being in the island wouldn’t be bad at all.” The crowd cheers aawwwwhhhss and I kinda felt jealous of Eleanor. “Zayn?”

Zayn clears his throat and looks up to the ceiling, thinking of an answer. “Probably Paul.” He answers. “Niall?”

“Same!” he answers. “But, I would want someone fun too, so probably friends I met recently, Kiera or Holly!”

All the boys laugh and Harry breaks the laughter. “No man, you bring Kiera. Holly’s mine.”

I blush with his comment especially how he said “mine”. It’s like I belonged to him.

“If you’re wondering,” Liam starts. “Who Holly and Kiera are, they’re friends we met recently. Ish. We haven’t really met Kiera. But I would take either of them too.”

“Niall met Kiera!” Louis chants on his microphone and the crowd goes wild again; a mixture of disapproval and agreement.

“Okay, boys, that’s enough.” Liam says. “Next question!”

The screen goes black again and in two seconds, another tweet came out. “Can either of you have a duet with a girl?” The crowd was really loud like never before. Most of them were chanting Harry and the other boys agreed too. “We choose Harry!” they say in unison. Louis drags Harry in the middle of the stage while Liam walks toward me and carries me toward Harry.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we present Ms. Holly Winters!” Liam hums in his microphone. I rolled my eyes when he said “gentlemen” because 99.9 of the people here were girls. They all shout and cheered that I blushed and laughed at the same time.

“Now, what song should they sing?” Niall asks the crowd.

And in a weird sensation, they all seemed to shout the same thing. “Lucky!”

“Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat?” Zayn asks.

They all screamed yes and Niall handed me his microphone. I peered over at Harry, who was smiling down at me and after that smile, something inside me left and I wasn’t nervous anymore. The music starts to play and Harry starts.

Do you hear me? I’m talking to you. Across the waters, across the deep, blue ocean. Under the open sky, oh my, oh baby I’m trying.

I take a breath and prayed that I wouldn’t faint like the last time I sang in stage.

Boy I hear you, in my dreams. I feel your whisper across the sea. I keep you with me, in my heart. You make it easier when life gets hard.

Lucky I’m in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been. Lucky to be coming home again. Lucky to be in love in every way. Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed. Lucky to be coming home someday. Our voices became one and after my solo, I noticed that the boys must’ve never heard me sing before.

They don’t know how long it takes.
Waiting for a love like this.
Every time we say goodbye,
I wish we had one more kiss,
I’ll wait for you, I promise you, I will.

As the song ended, I was flaming red and I left the stage walking straight toward the bathroom.

His smile didn’t just take my nervousness away. His smile almost took my heart away.

*Harry’s POV*

After me and Holly sang I wasn’t able to get the concert back in the game. Every time it was my solo, I would either sing a different song or I’ll be singing off key. The crowd found it cute except for me. I wanted to know what she was doing. Was she alright? Soon, the concert ended and it was time to head to the beach. I literally looked for her the moment the lights went dark and they officially said the concert was over.

I found her in our room, fixing herself. She has now changed her outfit to short shorts and a loose crop top and she just messily braided her hair. He long, tall boots were now gone and was replaced with flip flops and her emerald, green eyes were covered with Ray Ban sun glasses. “Hey!” she greets me cheerfully.

“Hey.” I call back to her. I close the door behind me and I removed my tight polo shirt and replaced it with a plain white shirt covered by an unbuttoned polo. My shoes were still the same which is Sperry and I changed my jeans to shorts that lie just in the knee. I grab her suitcase from her and I go out of the room, handing it to Paul. I then, return inside and complimented her voice. “Your voice was amazing!”

She blushed. “Thanks.” I love it when she blushes. I love how her face goes from white to pink. I hold out my hand to her and she takes it voluntarily. This will probably be a good day.

We arrive in Jenkinson’s Boardwalk at approximately 4:30 pm. Kiera was surprisingly alone when we wet up and she quickly gave Holly a hug.

“Holly!” she says.

“Hey, Kiera! Where the hell is Adam?” she asks as she looks behind Kiera to make sure he wasn’t there.

Kiera shrugs. “Busy.”

“That’s a shame! Anyway, these are the boys; Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry.”

We gave her proper hellos and shook hands. “You’re Kiera?” I ask.

“The one and only.” She says. “And you are Harry.” She looks at me and we both knew that we shared the same common of interest, and it was Holly.

Niall breaks our contact and talks to her. “You’re the one who I talked to in the phone?”

She laughs. “I’m sorry, love. But I don’t recall talking to you ever.” Louis laughs followed by Zayn and Liam. Poor Niall. But by the looks of it, Niall wasn’t ready of giving up and Kiera was totally into him. It was obvious.

Suddenly, Kiera drags Holly somewhere and she tells us they had to change. The other boys all jumped to their feet and went toward the beach house we were staying at to change but all I could think of was; Holly Winters in a bikini? Not on my watch.

Me and the boys were already splashing in the water for a couple of minutes when Kiera and Holly walked along the shore. Kiera was wearing a one piece but it was all straps and cut out that you could see her stomach and her other body parts. She was also hot. And by hot, really, really, hot. She also had tan skin that every boy would want.

But she wasn’t the only one. I was shocked and I looked over to the boys and we were looking at the same thing. Holly. She was wearing a pink bikini with black polka dots but the down part wasn’t really underwear. It was long enough to look like a skirt but short enough to expose her long, white legs. Not like Kiera, she had a topper on that reached mid thigh but still, it was practically see through.

Both of them had their sandals clutched on their hands and they were also laughing at something. They laid out a towel in the sand and sat down, looking in the ocean. Us boys made our way toward them and stopped midway when other surfer men approached them.

“Aw. They got there first.” Louis wailed.

I shushed him by swatting a finger at his face. “Should we make them go?” Liam asks.

“Yes. But let’s see what they’ll do first.” I say, answering him. Niall was taping his feet with impatience and Zayn was growling. The strangers each handed them a paper and Holly flashed them a killer smile to die for before they walked away.

“What was that?” Niall asks as he sits down beside Kiera. Kiera doesn’t move away, instead she leans onto Niall and he blushes.

“You look gorgeous, Holly.” Zayn affirms her.

“I told you!” Kiera says. “Look, every guy is practically staring at you right now.”

We all look at the other people and she was right. Guys were looking at Holly. My Holly. Suddenly, we heard snaps and paparazzi’s were crazily taking pictures of us. Paul came from behind and told them to go away.

“Really?” Holly asks. “I feel fat.”

“You’re perfect.” Liam reassures her.

Holly flashes him a smile and she stands up. “Shall we swim?” we all agree and ran toward the water. For the first of our famous life, no one was staring at us. They were all staring at Holly.

We were back in the beach house by 6. Unfortunately, they other boys still want to go check out the boardwalk and ride some games in the carnival.

I look around, hoping to bump into Holly. I wanted to scold her about wearing such revealing clothes but I gave up. She’s probably with Kiera. As I step out of the porch to watch the sunset, I see two figures in the middle, kissing. I squinted my eyes to check who it was and to my shock, it was Niall and Holly.

Niall was kissing Holly. I hold on to the rail to steady my balance and I looked up to check up on them and they were still kissing.

“What’s up?” Kiera asks as she dry out her hair with her towel. She looks in the same direction as me and notices Holly and Niall. “Sweet mother of Jesus.”

Suddenly, everything I see turned into black. “Hey, Kiera? Do you mind if we make out right now?”

She looks toward me and shrugs. “No.” and we kissed, bringing out our anger at ourselves. Flirt meets flirt.

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