Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


48. Chapter Forty-Eight

We only had two days left 'till the TMH tour starts on Feb 23 in the 02 Arena. I was beyond excited to continue travelling but I was also nervous of what will befall of me and Harry.

We were currently still in London and the girls came to visit us, celebrating the newly won award. "Oh, btw, Holly, are you available tomorrow?" Eleanor asks.

I nod my head. "Of course."

"OMG! Will you do me a huge favour?" she asks getting excited. Everyone stopped eating to listen and Eleanor continues talking. "Well, me and Louis are having a day out tomorrow and I can't go to this photoshoot so I was wondering if you would love to replace me?"

I looked over at Harry first before I answered her. "Of course I would love to, Eleanor."

*The next day*

"I told you, Harry. I'm fine going alone." I assure him. I grabbed my purse and my phone from the table and walked out of the room and hailed a taxi. I told the driver the address and he just nodded and started driving. Oh, good luck to me.

*Harry's POV*

"Stop pacing back and forth!" Niall calls out when I went back to the living room from the front door for the tenth time.

"Niall, what if something bad happens to her?" I ask. We were both left alone in the hotel because the others were out having dates while Kiera had to do something important.

"C'mon, lad. Just think positive." he says, standing up and patting my back,

I suddenly stoop up and grabbed my keys. I was just going to spy on her. Yes, that would be better. I started walking toward the front door when Niall runs after me. "Wait up!" he calls out.

When we reached my car, I started the engine and drove to the designated place, I held on to the piece of paper where the address was and when I found the place, I parked my car and went out. Me and Niall slowly went up the building and when we heard the familiar voice of Holly, we peeked to see her posing for the camera.

She was so beautiful and bubbly. Whenever I would hear her sweet laugh, my heart would skip a beat and my blood just came rushing in.

"Wow." I hear Niall comment. I lightly punched him on the stomach and he punches me back. We continue to have a punch mania when Niall accidentaly punches the box that was covering us and the whole crew, including Holly turned their heads toward us and gasped when they saw us.

"HARRY? NIALL? What are you guys doing here?" Holly asks. She stops posing and she walks toward us and fixes the thrown box. "I told you, I was fine alone."

"Harry was just really nervous." Niall answers.

Holly smiles and blushes pink. "Whatever, just stay there. I have to finish this and we can go."

We sat down on the vacant chairs and just watched her the whole time.

*Holly's POV*

We went back to the hotel at 7. I was exhausted and when I open our hotel door, I found the others waiting for us.

"How was it?" Kiera asks.

"Do you have any pictures right now?" Louis asks. Niall raises his hand and showed Louis some of the pictures he took a while ago. Liam and Zayn looked at it as well while the girls gathered around me.

"Was it fun?" Eleanor asks.

"I actually loved it." I answer.

They gather around me to start telling them the day that I've been through. I'm going to miss this. I'm going to miss the fun and free time.

TMH Tour here we come.

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