Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


15. Chapter Fifteen

*Kiera's POV*

“Niall where are you? This isn’t funny.” I shout. Me and Niall just got to the hotel and he went up first while I stayed behind to grab my luggage. After the bidding, Niall wanted to leave right away so here we are now. Sharing the same room for the second time.

I’d walked into his room to be met by the pitch black, suddenly, I felt two hands grip across my eyes. “Niall for God’s sake stop it!” I heard an impish giggle coming from him as his hands slid down from my eyes to round my waist, I spun around to face him, my eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness as I saw his cheeky smile shining through even in this low light.

“What are you doing?” I questioned him.

“I thought we could play a little game, Kiera.” his eyes were lit up like a little boy, filled with excitement.

“Huh?” I asked with genuine confusing not having a clue what he was on about. Me and Niall have been dating for almost three weeks now and I'm happy that I met him. He is the sweetes guy I've ever met my entire life and he wasn't anything like Adam Levine. He wasn't using me for my body. He actually loved me for me.

He smiled before turning me around, his slender form pressed against my back, he made sure his hips were as close to my body as possible. He bent down and I shuddered slightly at the feel of his hot breath suddenly present on my bare skin.

“Well, I, thought, you, might, want, to, play, a, game, with, me” he paused after every word taking a second to kiss the back of my neck softly, the sensation of his moist lips on my skin driving me crazy already. He never did this kind of move to me before. He was a type of guy who woould always wait until I do the move. But tonight, I won't waste this moment.

“What kind of game?” I closed my eyes and lulled my head back slightly revelling in the feel of his lips against my body.

“Well” As we were so tightly pressed together I was able to feel him bring something out of his pocket while he spoke.

“I just thought” he lifted his head from being buried in my neck and brought it in front of me. “You’ll be blindfolded” as he spoke the words he wrapped a piece of what I made out to be black material around my eyes, pulling almost too tightly as he tied a knot at the back preventing me from seeing anything at all now.

“And then you have to try and find me” I was worried now, I didn’t like not knowing things, not being in control, the loss of my sight drained most of the confidence I usually had right out of me.

“If you find me, you get a reward” if it was anyone else saying these words I would have been scared, but I knew Niall, his Irish tones made the words sound joyful, appealing, I could almost hear him smiling as he spoke if you believe that to be possible.

“Okay” I almost whispered it out, not quite sure about what would happen next, but he obviously took this agreement as a good enough sign to let go, almost as soon as I had uttered the word his body left mine, leaving me with a loss of warmth where his form had been so closely pressed only moments before, he left me craving him, craving the return of his touch and the warmth of his kisses, he knew this, he obviously had planned the whole situation to make me want him more than ever, to feel a need to hunt him down and find him to earn my ‘reward’.

My eye sight was cut off but I could hear him shuffling round, “Niall, where are you?”

“Now if I told you that it’d be way too easy right” his Irish twang letting me know which direction he was in, I wandered towards where I heard him but he had obviously moved as when I flailed my arms out in front of me he was nowhere.

“Niall come on, I’m never gonna be able to find you like this.”

“Are you sure about that?” I jumped in shock hearing a voice right next to my ear, his breath tingling down my spine. My loss of sight increased my other senses, I could hear his every breath, smell his sweet scent, feel every tiny movement he made.

“Niall” I giggled. “Stop.” I hated to admit it but it was working, I hadn’t felt his touch on my skin for way too long, I wanted him to make me feel right like only he could, he was teasing me, working me up, and he knew it better than anyone.

“Follow my voice, Kiera.” I turned to the side moving forward my arms out in front of me. I brushed something and jumped hearing Niall laugh in the opposite direction, even without being able to see I could picture his face, his beautiful smile being worn on his gorgeous features.

All at once I heard him walking slowly towards me, I faced the direction I sensed he was coming from and moved forwards. He took my hand in his and spoke softly through the silence. “I can’t wait any longer” my legs almost trembled with his words. Niall the one in control? I actually like the thought of that.

“Niall can I take this off now?” I reached up towards the fabric but his hand clamped over mine stopping me from going further.

“No, not yet, keep it on” and without any warning his lips pressed against mine, knocking me back so I was laid flat on the bed. I felt his body press against mine, his hips grinding into me setting my insides alight with lust.

His kisses were impatient and sloppy, wanting more, I brought my hands up to my face ripping off the blindfold, his face directly in front of mine. He smiled down at me, the look in his eyes filled with hot desire, I barely ever got to see him like this but I loved it. It was the side to Niall Horan that no one else apart from me got to see, the side that made me want for him like no other.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day Kiera. The moment you took your mask off.” as he spoke he bent down, his words were almost groaned out, his voice wet with desire as his soft lips worked down my neck. A moan escaped my lips, I couldn’t push any words out of my mouth, he had only just started and was already taking over every inch of my mind.

He gently tugged at my gown, but I wasn’t in that mood tonight, I shook my head at him as he looked confused down at me his lips slightly pouted as he did. I sat up crashing my lips into his, I tore my gown off as I did only parting from him for the shortest possible time, he smiled into the kiss as I lifted his shirt over his head ruffling his soft blonde hair as the material brushed over it.

I didn’t have time to admire his chest as I dived on him, I pushed him back so I was lying on top of him on the bed fumbling clumsily with his belt buckle as I rushed to get it off. He did the same, his hands scrabbling around with the buttons on my shorts I wore under my gown before literally tearing them off of my as they were ripped down my body and flung across the room.

I smiled edging his pants down his legs, feeling more and more of his skin on mine with every second. As I completely removed his pants I could feel him hard, pressing into me, I moaned out in pleasure as he grabbed me, pulling me tighter against him, his tongue battling with my own. I was in control, but Niall was having none of it, he flipped me over so he was leering down to me, pure passion in his crystal blue eyes that usually seemed so angelic.

He moved down my body, his hardness pressing into my body, showing me how much he wanted this. His tongue flicked and licked all down my body until he reached the band of my underwear, I didn’t hesitate in letting him slide the material down my thighs as he kissed closer and closer, then up the insides of my thighs making me ache for him where I needed him most. When I almost couldn’t bare it anymore he gave in, pressing kisses between my legs, his tongue worked on me snaking around expertly as my moans of pleasure increased in volume.

The pleasure came in waves over my body, I arched my back, my hips moving forward pushing myself further into my mouth, the sensation riddled my body as I screamed out his name, riding through the pleasure in a sweet state.

All at once he pulled away from me, smiling mischievously whilst moving up my body, his hands supporting him either side I slid his boxers down his thighs. I’d never been so turned on in my life, I needed him inside of me in every which way. I grabbed him and pulled him down onto me kissing him with such force that almost took my own breath away, as I pulled to the side meeting his ear with my mouth Niall continued to kiss my neck.

I moaned into his ear “Fuck me.” and he brought me up by my shoulders, he twisted me around and I gasped as his lips landed on the back of my neck sending a chill down my spine.

I was on my hands and knees and I could feel his strong form behind me. With no warning he thrust into me causing me to gasp out in pleasure. He moaned “fuck” before beginning to move in and out with a strong force that shook my whole body. “Ah, Niall, oh God.” The bed springs were squeaking under the movements so loud that I was sure the people outside could hear. I bit down hard on my lip, the pleasure rushing through me as Niall’s unmerciful movements continued.

His soft groans filled my ears as he carried on, pleasure building up and up inside of me as his hips collided into my body my movements matching his. His hands were gripped tightly around me, a grip so rough I was sure it would bruise, but I didn’t care, I wanted to remember this moment. Pleasure soared through my body taking over once more, I was shaken through to the core but Niall didn’t stop, he carried on and on giving me more pleasure than ever.

Eventually I could tell he was nearing the end, his movements became more careless and his breath was ragged. His groans were louder now, sounds of my name filling the air. Then I felt it, he released inside of me slowing to a stop before the both of us collapsed in an entangled heap on the bed, I had to wait a moment to catch my breath, the only sound to be heard was our heavy breathing.

I turned towards him, his aqua blue eyes piercing a hole into me. “You’re amazing you know” his words sent my stomach twisting in a knot of happiness. I lay there with a smile on my face unsure how to reply, I pulled him in for a simple kiss that I placed on his soft lips.

“So are you” and not a single word more needed to be uttered as we fell asleep in each others arms.

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