Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


11. Chapter Eleven

*Harry's POV*

I woke up with loud noises from outside. I grumpily turned around to wrap my arms around Holly but all that happened was a loud thud as my hand landed on the mattress. My eyes quickly open to find Holly nowhere in sight. That’s odd. This is the first time I woke up without Holly beside me. I then stood up to wear a shirt and shorts and head out of the room. Everyone was in the kitchen except for Holly and Liam.

“Where’s Holly?” I ask.

Louis smirks at me as he and Kiera prepares breakfast. “She’s with Liam.”

“I can see that, but WHERE?”

Kiera laughs as she flips over the bacon on the grill as Niall comes from behind to wrap his arms around her. So, they probably made out already. “Harry, don’t worry, they’re just working out together.”

“Yeah, mate. No need to worry.” Niall says from Kiera’s neck.

I grumpily walked toward the counter and felt the cold ocean breeze from the sliding door. Working out? Like the gym? I frown and a plate with pancakes was placed in front of me. “Mate, no need to get jealous, it’s just Liam.”

I look up to see Louis, chewing a piece of strawberry. “Easy for you to say,” I mumble as I took a bite from my pancake. “She’s been sexually frustrated.”

Louis chokes on his strawberry and drank some iced tea. “Seriously?”

I shrug. “Maybe,” I continue to chew on my pancakes until we hear screaming and laughter. The door clicks open and enters Holly and Liam. Holly was wearing shorts, a tight Nike shirt and knee high socks. She almost looked like a cheerleader. She stumbles after Liam and she lands on top of him.

“Woah, easy love.” Liam says, as she fell, his hands on her thighs.

“Someone’s jealous,” Kiera sings as she slipped some bacon on my plate. Behind them, Paul enters with Starbucks in his hand for all of us and Liam finally stands up and helps Holly.

“I’m beat,” Holly breathes. She takes a cup from Paul and takes a sip, heading towards Kiera to nibble on the newly cooked Bacon with Niall.

“How was it?” Zayn asks Liam as he sits down beside me, taking a cup from Paul.

“Crazy,” Liam answers. Louis hands him a pancake and he sits down to eat it. “Holly was fast too.”

“Am not!” she argues. She taps something in her phone and takes a picture of all of us eating. “Instagram time!” she shouts.

Niall quickly runs to her and smiles as she takes a picture. “Try Nashville or Amaro,” Niall tells her. She nods her head and after a few seconds, she clicks her phone shut and sits down as Kiera gave her pancakes and Hershey’s Chocolate syrup.

“Where’s our next stop?” she asks.

“Chicago.” Louis answers. He brings his plate to the sink as he finished eating and took another batch of strawberries and dipped them on the chocolate syrup.

“Hey, Kiera, when are you going back to Adam?” Holly asks.

I hear Niall sigh and Kiera answers. “Probably later after you leave.”

“Why won’t you just stay?” Niall asks as he kissed her cheek.

“Are you guys together now?” I ask them.

Niall and Kiera stares at each other and held hands. “Yep, sorry for kissing Holly.” Niall apologizes. “And sorry for kissing Harry.” She tells Holly.

“Wait. So both of you are together as well?” Liam asks both me and Holly.

“Yes,” I answer the same time Holly said “No,” Louis furrows his eyebrow and I continue, “Yes, I mean, like super close friends.” Louis smiles at me waiting for an explanation until we hear Zayn grumble while he was checking out something with his phone.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Press,” he answers. He shows all of us a picture of Niall and Holly making out yesterday and another one of Liam and Holly jogging earlier this morning. “Holly Winters- The ultimate player.” He reads out loud.

Holly suddenly grabs her phone and checks her Twitter account. Her eyes were furrowed as she continued to read something and she sighs. “Wow,”

“Why? What is it?” I ask her eagerly.

She sighs again. “Everyone has been watching me closely. They hate me for going out with Niall at New York, they hate me for going clubbing with all of you guys, they hate me for singing a duet with Harry, they hate me for kissing Niall, which I might say, they don’t really know the reason to it, and they hate me for exercising and keeping myself fit just because Liam Payne offered to come with me. Wow. And from a thousand followers, I have now three million.” She sighs again and continues, “I think I can’t do this.”

“No! You absolutely can!” Niall shouts.

“Holly, don’t take this the wrong way, our fans are just really…… dedicated.” I tell her. I stood up from my chair and wrapped my arms around her sweaty body.

“Yeah, girls hate me too because of me and Adam Levine.” Kiera explains. She comforts Holly by placing a hand on her shoulder and Holly lets go of me.

“Fine,” she sniffles. “But! All of you should promise me one thing!” We all agree and ushered her to continue. “You’ll be there for me.”

We all ran to her and hugged her tiny body. “Of course we will!” she laughs and I looked at her so we could gaze at each other but when her eyes met mine, she looks away and I knew there was something wrong between us.

*Holly’s POV*

I didn’t have any sleep after Harry told me he loved me. The moment I knew he was fast asleep, I slipped out of his room and went back to mine and just searched his name on Google.

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack
Harry Styles and Emma Ostilly
Harry Styles and Holly Winters

I gape as I saw my name and quickly clicked the link. There were a few pictures of us the night we slipped out of the bar, really drunk and some when we were swimming a while ago. I notice that there were thousand of pictures of him kissing a lot girls and a lot of rumors about him being a womanizer. Was Louis right when he told me Harry never took thing seriously?

I felt tears sprang out from my eyes. No man has ever said he loved me. All my past boyfriends would say they love my body. That’s it. What if I fall in love with Harry just like the others? What if he breaks my heart? I continued to cry, not knowing what do.

I eventually woke up earlier than the others and as I opened my door, I noticed Niall’s shoes just outside Kiera’s room. Oh, so they’re finally together now. Goodie.

I made my way to the kitchen to make coffee and head back to my room to change into shorts, a Nike shirt and knee-high socks. I should go jogging to clear my mind. As I went back, Liam has just woken up and drank some of the coffee I made.

“Oh, Morning, love,” Liam greets me with his morning voice. His white shirt was slightly lifted so I could see his navy blue boxers.

“Hey,” I greet him back. I smile as I took the mug away from him and drank.

He smirks and snatches it away from me. “Are you going jogging?” he asks.

“Yep,” I answer him. I smile and was about to play music on my earphones when he asks me if he could come. “Sure, just hurry up.” I tell him.

He smiles widely and runs to his bedroom to change into Adidas jogging pants and a gray shirt and wears his Nike shoes. He smiles again after and takes my hand as we head out the door.

We notice after five minutes of jogging, Paul was following us. How could I not notice? Anyway, while we jogged, Liam started having a conversation.

“How’s life?”

I laugh. “You’re asking me, how’s life? Brava, Liam Payne.”

He pushes me lightly. “Hey! I’m just starting a conversation!”

“Okay, okay!” I say. We continue to stay silent for a few minutes and I say, “How are you and Danielle?”

“We’re doing really good, actually.” He answers. “She wants to meet you.”

I raise my eye brow. “Really? Why?”

He smirks. “She said she wants to meet the apple of Harry’s eye.”

I laugh harder this time. So, Harry obviously likes me? How can I not see that? Me and Liam continue to jog and quickly grabbed Starbucks and went back right away.

We notice that fans and paparazzi’s were following us, so me and Liam ran faster, leaving Paul behind and quickly opened the door, laughing and screaming. I accidentally stumble on top of Liam and he holds my thighs to support both us. When he helps me stand up, I notice Harry sitting down in the kitchen, watching us. Damn it. Why didn’t I see him? Now, he’ll be all furious later.

Time went by when Breakfast ended and I head to my room to take a shower. I lock the door behind me and I almost died out of shock to see Harry on my bed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I ask. “Damn you, Harry. You scared me to death.” I turn around to my suitcase and looked for a new outfit to wear. I brought out a blue dress that looked pretty enough for Kiera. She will kill me if I wear something awful.

“Hey,” Harry calls.

“What?” I ask not bothering to turn around and look at him.

“Why did you slip out? You weren’t there when I woke up.”

“Well, I’m sorry sleeping beauty but I need my exercise too.” I spat. He pouts and starts to slowly walk toward me. “What are you doing? Stay away.”
he took my shorts off and brought out a condom from his pocket and stood in front of me to remove underwear. I stall him by gripping his shoulders and stopped him.

“Uh, uh, no sex for today, Harry.” I tell him. I stood up to grab my thrown clothes and head to the shower to take a bath. As I closed the curtains, Harry followed me and went inside too. “What are you DOING?”

“Taking a bath,” he answers. He grabs some shampoo and places some on my hair and hums a song as he does so. I can’t help but smile and agree to take a bath with him. Why is he so damn irresistible?

A few minutes later we dressed up and went out of the room. My hair was still a bit wet and messy so I tied half of it to make it look better. Kiera was sitting on the couch with Niall, wearing a strapless stripped blue and white dress. She almost looked like a stripper sailor or something. As we stepped out, Kiera greeted us and wrapped her arms around me.

“Holly, I love your dress!” she exclaims. She twirls me around to get a better look and grabbed my hand after to take me the tour bus. I notice that my bags were already inside and the other guys were too. I take a sit beside Louis and Kiera sits beside me after.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“Airport,” Liam answers. “To drop off Kiera.” I felt sadness rush all throughout my body and Louis comforts me by wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I notice Harry tensing up but I didn’t stop Louis. If Harry do loves me, I want him to understand my relationship with other boys especially to these lads.

“So, which airport?” Niall asks. He grabbed a cola from the fridge and suddenly, the bus starts moving.

“In Atlantic city,” Kiera answers. Niall smiles but his eyes cannot hide the sadness he feels so Kiera went over to him and wrapped her arms around him.

“And this is the best cue to leave,” Zayn whispers to all of us. We head toward the beds and left Niall and Kiera making out and I felt kinda bad for not spending quality time with her but I know Niall deserved it more. I enter my bunk bed when Liam, Louis and Zayn does and Harry follows.

“Harry,” I whisper. “It’s tight in here.”

“I know.” He whispers back. “Which makes it even better.“ he made sure to close the curtains and clip it with tight clips so we’ll be undisturbed and he turns back to me, grinning.

“Harry,” I say sternly. “We can’t have sex at noon in the tour bus.”

“We can!” he whines. He wraps his hand around my thigh and breathes to my ear. “Wet enough?”

“Harry!” I shout. “Actually, yeah, I am.” I answer him honestly.

He grins and starts to kiss me and I kiss him back. We continue to make out for a few minutes until we heard Louis scream.

“What happened?” we both ask in unison. Louis was laughing while the other boys and Kiera were nodding their head I agreement. “What?” we ask again.

“I told you they were together!” Louis exclaims at everyone.

“Fine, you win, Louis!” Kiera shouts. Suddenly, the bus stops and Paul enters.

“We’re here.” He says. I notice the sad look on Niall’s face as Paul said we were here and Kiera’s pouty face.

“Already?” Niall asks.

Paul nods curtly at him and Kiera stands up to get her bag. We follow after her and as we reached the entrance, she turned around to say our last goodbyes.

“Well, this is probably goodbye.” Kiera says. Liam hugs her followed by Zayn and Harry. When it was Niall’s turn, Kiera raises her hand in a hug but instead, Niall kisses her in the lips. And I notice that he uses tongue like the method I taught him and I can’t help but feel proud of myself. When they were done kissing, Kiera turned at me and had a goofy smile on her face.

“Bye, Holly.” She says and hugs me at the same time. I hug her back but tighter and she whispers something that caught me off guard.

“Harry takes you seriously so please be more sensitive.“ she smiles sweetly like nothing happened and kissed Niall for the last time before entering the airport leaving me clueless. What did she mean seriously?

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