Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!



"Why didn't you pick me to be one of the guys and you picked the other 3??" he asked.

"I didn't pick you because, of this and only this reason!!" I smiled happily.

I went in and I kissed him and he layed me down and he kissed me over and over and I had to stop him just for the fact his brother was my boyfriend and Wesley he was my 1st love but Keaton was more of my age category. Also, if me and Wesley were dating each other it would be kinda akward. But, Wesley was hot but so was Drew but I don't want to date any of them because, their like brothers with each other. I do love them all but, if I was one of their girlfriends then I would be feeling werid even if I never dated Keaton. But, anyways with me and Wesley we would've just been a great awesome hottest couple ever. I wish that me and Wesley could've went out once.

"Well Sirena do u love me or like it at all??" Wesley asked.

"I do love you but I just can't date you because,I'm dating your brother so it would be akward if I broke up with your brother just because,I want to date you so I can't date You right now Wes orry!!" I explained to Wes.

He was fine with it but he said that he needed some time to think and he wanted to know if he could just go out with me on one date just to see how it is with me as girlfriend or a date either one. So, I agreed to do it and we went out after the party me and Keaton went upstairs and watched a movie and went to sleep because he was tired and I was real tired to . Even though half of the party I just went in my room and picked out a guy to date after I was done dating or when I was broken up with Keaton and he didn't want to get back together with each other. So, when me and Wes were talking with each other he asked me 4 times if I would've ever dated him if I didn't date Keaton. So, I told him that I would've if I didn't know that Keaton loved me like he does. I just let him kiss me so that he wouldn't be sad and that everyone wouldn't know what we had talked about with each other in my room. If he went out  cryin then people would wonder what the hell happened up there. After, we finished talking and kissing anyways we went back out to the backyard but I blind folded Wes and brought him out and then when I undid the blind fold he gasped because, of something I set up for me and him but it was for tomorrow. Well, anyways lets get back to me and Keaton. When we woke up the next morning and Keaton asked me this question I was wondering if he was mad at me or something. He had asked me "what did you do with all of the guys in your room yesterday??" But, I just stared at him and I was like what the fuck do you think I was doing having sex with them in the bed like what the hell. So, I explained to him " I asked them some questiones and Then I kiss them 2times on the lips and once on the cheek so that I could see how it felt and how it would feel if I did it have them as a bopyfriend or a date or something.

Afterwards when I said that to him he was like ok ok I was just asking. Keaton was real sensitive when it came to other men and me with them by myself. He was always like that because he hated when I was alone with my guy friends because, he always thought that something was gonna happen if something scary was gonna happen because then I would cuddle with one of them. For example if I was watching a movie with Justin,Austin,Harry,Louis,Niall,Liam and Zayn he would be afraid that I would jump into one of their arms if I got scared of something. I just don't know why I don't even do that with other guys if I have a really good boyfriend that I love and have sex with like come on Keaton get with my program already, I'm not trying to be mean or anything but he does do that a lot and he always thinks that I'm gonna have a make-out session or sex with them.

Anyways it was time for me and Wes to have some fun on our little date in the backyard with each other. I put on his favorite colored dress which was red and it looked like this.

He loved it so much that he even complimented it. Wes said that it was so cute on me. Well, when me and Wes went outside we started to eat our dinner. Our dinner wasn't that fancy it was Justin's special which was a salad with chicken ,apple sider vinager, apple slices, cucumbers, red lettuce and a lot more. It was good though like really good. But, see our conversation got a little out of hand. Wes had asked me if he could have one night just me and him in bed with each other and have our sex moment and be done with it. So, I told him I said ok fine we can but, if you tell anyone and I mean anyone I can't date your brother anymore and I can't be seen in public either so don't you even dare to try to call me because, I won't answer and I will never ever speak to you ever again. I will always love you all but I will not be able to be seen with any of you. That's what I would have to say to them if someone finds out or tells. Ok wes lets do it I had said to him. Even though he said that I was like what the fuck because, he had already have had sex with me when I was drunk and I thought that his room was Keaton's but it wasn't and it was Wes's room. But, I'm fine with it because, when we did do it I didn't feel anything because, I was so fucking drunk that night. So, I decided ok lets go to a hotel and rent a room for a night just to do it and get it done with so that know one knows what happens between us two ok Sirena. We went and we did it in like an 1 hour and 1/2 in the hotel room. We finished and it was 12:00 at night so we went back home and I got changed when we got home and I slipped underneath Keatons arm and he hugged an kissed me and we went to sleep. I was so happy that he was still up and me and him went to sleep together because, he made me feel a lot better because what I had did with Wes was really good to me but I felt really bad because, I was Keaton's girlfriend and I had sex with his brother that would be a war between them both over me.


*Now in the next chapter I will talk about everyone not just me and Wesley and Keaton!!*

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