Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


16. The Anniversity Suprise!!

"I can't believe you got Justin Moore and Luke Bryan to sing for us!!"

"I love u babe this is how I wanted to show u!" Austin explained.

"you didnt have to get them for me to show that u love me because I already know that you love me, meaning that when u do what u do for me all the time in the house and out of the house when were out or not out u understand everything I went through because, when we go and have fun with each other and everyone else in the house we both understand each other. This is how I know u love me and y I love u. " I smiled and exclaimed to Austin.

" that's how  ifeel about u babe but when we do kiss and do everything with everyone al the time I feel like we dont spend enoughh time with each other and I mean just me and u not me u and justin or me u and amber. I'm talkimng about just me and u alone thats y i did this for us so that we could be alone with each other to get back on track and to just have fun. Plus, everyone understood when I said i'm throwing a big suprise party for mine and Sirena's anniversity but only me and her together alone with each other. When, i told them that they were so happy because, me and u were getting back on track and they are having their own party now with them and their friends and fans to of course cause they always find out about the parties we have. That's y i did this dfor us and us only cause ur the star in my life and nobody else is my star besides u babe. No one can ever replace u." Austin was trying not to cry when he said those last words.

When we were done talking i was c crying cause Luke Bryan was singing 'Drink a Beer' and I love thjat song it's like one of my favorite country somngs from him. Then, me and Austin started to sing along cause Austin knew that I loved that song and that i would never stop singing it til it was over. Well when Bryan finished Justin moore started to sing and the song he sang was " Point at You". Then, their was a twist and Austin went up there and started to sing with him and I started to cry because, Austin was so good at singing.But, when I heard him sing point at you the country song I melted because, he sounded so good and he just was so hott when he was singing uo there with Justin Moore.

They both finished the song. Then it was my turn and I had to switch it up so I sang a love song and the love song I sang was ' Ong thing' by one direction. I sang it directly to Austin. But, I sang it in a slow version way like I would sing it.

" I tried playing it cool, but when I'm looking at you, I can't ever be brave, cause u make my heart race, shot me out of the sky, your my cryptonite, you keep making me weak, yeah frozen and cant breathe, somethings gotta get loud, cause I'm dying just to make u see, that i need u here with me now, cause you've got that one thing." then I just sang the whole song to Austin.

When, we finished eating dinner and singign and everything we went to the hotel that Austin booked and then we went top our room and it was the masterbedroom all the way upsatirs 1 floor underneath the roof.


I was so happy then I went in the bathroom and there was a little bed dress in there and it said to change into it and then go anfd be sexy on the bed. I knew that Austin wanted to do it. So, I put it on went onto the bed and got sexy for Austin then Austin walked in and he had his red boxers on. I was ready and I think this is the guy I want to have sex with. I just kept on thinking that. Me and Austin were ready and we about to start when I heard something from Austin adn me and him just started to make out. Austin then started to kiss down my neck and then I kissed down to his boxers and I started to pull down on them and he accepted to let me take them off. Then , when I saw Austin's dick I just went in and started to suck it and he was moaning and when he was moaning I felt the he atrted to grab my hair take my hair and push my head down onto his dick. When, he was makingme deep throat him it felt good then I took off my dress and he started to lick my pussy while I was sucking his dick and Austin never liked me putting my ass in his face. So, when I did that he was so happy and ready to fuck me. He got on the bed and so did I and I got into doggy style position and when we did start to fuck. Austin went slow so that hew ouldn't hurt me and then I told himm to go fastetr and he started to go faster and when he did I started to scream his name and everything else. " OH YEAH RIGHT THERE AUSTIN, OH YEAH FUCK ME HARDER AUSTIN, OH YEAH THAT FEELS SO GOOD YEAH RIGHT THERE KEEP GOING!! COME ON FASTER BITCH FASTER! U LIKE THAT PUSSY DON'T U. I KNOW U LIKE THAT PUSSY COME ON FUCK ME HARDER AUSTIN I KNOW U CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS COME ON!!" Then me and Austin stopped and his dick squited all of his cum on my boobs and in my mouth. he tasted so good. THen when he finished I sucked his dick even more and more.

When, we finished I went into the shower and me and Austin both went into the same one because, we saw each other naked already. So , I was all comfrotable with Austin seeingme naked. But, when we got out I asked Austin, if he used a condom. he said yeah of course. We got out of the shower got changed and then we went to bed.

The next day there was a note and a pregnancy test next to me on the bed where Austin wasn't laying the note read " Dear Sirena, I went out to get us breakfast, and I left that test there for u so that if u want to see if ur pregnant or not so let me know and I will see u at 9:30 and be ready cause I love u and I always will hope ur not pregnant because,I know ur mom won't be happy if u are.

Love,Austin xoxoxo"

So, I went in the bathroom took the test and I was lucky cause it said negative but I had to wait for 2hours to see what the answer really was going to be so I waited and it was 7:30 so 9:30 it would be done and that's when Austin was gonna be home. So, I packed up my stuff and then I went and gotr changed cleaned the room and I just felt like doing something for Austin so made him a pair of boxers withhis birthplace on it. It was 9:30. It was time to see what the answer was. I read that test and I almost fainted and it said positive but then I woke ujp it was just a dream. I went into the bathroom and it said that the test was negative. Wohhh tha's a relef.

Austin came back and I told him the good news and then he said when were done eating our delicous breakfast u want to go home?? So,when we finished it was 10:30 and we had the room till 11:30 so we went and we got the chance to watch tv and then it was 11:00 so we cleaned and washed everything and put everything we used away and then left.

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