Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


10. Someone New Enters The House!!

Everyone was sitting in the living room watching tv and all of a sudden Wesley gets a call from Simon Cowell. "Hello Wesley I'm coming to ur house because someone new is going to be living with u!!" He explains.

"ok see u soon!!" Wesley said

"I'll be there in about 10mins." Simon says an hangs up.

"hey Wes here is your new roommate!" Simon entered by saying.

"nice to meet u um what's ur name??" I asked.

" Oh I'm Nolan Gerard Funk I'm from the tv show awkward!! Plus, this is my friend and Sirena's friend Jorge Merced from Sirena's town." Nolan said.

"we'll come in come in meet everyone!!" I entered him with!!

He came in and everyone introduced each other to him!! So then Simon left and was on his way to the X factor because the show was tonight. Me and my boyfriend Austin went to go and sit down with everyone backstage until I went on the stage to audition for X factor USA!!

After the person before me came off I went on!

"So what is ur name??" Simon asked.

"my names Sirena Rienzi and I'm 18 years old." I told the judges.

"so what r u going to sing for us today??" Kelly asked.

" I'm going to sing good girl by Carrie underwood!" I started.

" Ok well then here we go."

"Hey good girl with ur head in the clouds

I bet u I can tell u what ur thinkin about you'll see a good boy gonna give u the world but he's gonna leave u cryin with ur heart in the dirt!!" I sang and then I stopped at " hey good girl"

simion said yes Demi said yes kelly said yes and Paulina said yes and I made it to Hollywood. Then, everyone ran on stage before they all said yes. After, all of us were on stage we all were crying when simion said I was going to Hollywood. Well, Liam and Dainelle and Louis and Elenor were crying everyone else was cheering and saying congrats. BUt, I found out that I can only bring 2 people with me so of course it was Austin but then i needed a girl with me so i picked AMber even though they were all going to be there anyways. so, then Simon said to me that since evryone that was with us they could all stay with me for the whole intire show and everything.

When I looked behind me I saw a women then I looked better at her and it was my mom crying and their was a guy to and it was John Gonzalez my crush since 5th grade. I was crying and then they both came up and my mom was strong and wasn't crying and she said to me that JOhn wanted to ask me something. John came up to me and he asked me if I would be his girlfriend?? I've wished to be his girlfriend for so long and now its coming true but I'm in love with Austin adn plus JOhn he was so mean to me in 7th adn the begining of 8th grade but then the rest was fine cause he didn't talk to me. So, when I went to answer him I said to him that I love you and everything but Austin's my boyfriend and I said to Austin that I loved him to but I loved John. So, i told him maybe and we walked off while we were hugging and then jorge came up to me and asked me to be his girlfriend to and I've liked Jorge since 1st grade and we never had a problem because, he never found out that I liked him and he never will. So, I told the people that wanted me to be there girlfriends that I will have a line of boys to be my boyfriends or husbands if I become famous. Plus, they all said that it was true so they all said we'll back off but just remember the people that have been with you throught the times and everything bad that had happened.

The other thing was that Adam and John and Jorge and everyone else that wanted to be my boyfriend have been there for me and some of them haven't.Like I said to them this is a girl problem and I needed Karen here and Nicole and Darian too. But, ther was just more and more suprises and when I looked passed everyone Karen Nicole and Darian were there so I ran to them and hugged Darian and then Nicole and then high fived Karen because, she didnt like to be hugged. So ,we left and I said thank you and of course all of my friends were there and I don't know why Sibila was there because, she was such a bitch to me and I didn't liike her anyways so why the fuck was she there. So, I said hi to everyone and then I didn't say hi to sibila and she was like what the fuck is your problem u say hi to everyone else except for me. I answered her in an attitude and I said, " sorry but I don't like you because ur such a bitch to me and you never liked me and I never liked u and whenever you were apsent in school i would be like yes the bitch isn't here today. PLus, why I say thatis because u hit me in 7th grade and plus I don't like your kind not being mean to your family because, i never met them. So, either leave or back off of my friends and of my boys and girls. So bye bye bitch!!!!!!" I was happy after I said that but then she said "hey sirena watch out because I will get you and you'll never know. PLus, when I do it u will never know what's coming." "Oh yes I will because I'm gonna have my security guards right guys and girl;s love you and Sibila that was not to your ugly muslium bitch ass face so adios." I explained to her.

So, she left that bitch and I was happy and then she came up to me and she tried to punch me but I ducked and i kicked her in the stomach and punch her in the face like I think 20 times. She fell and didnt get back up. Finally, we left and we went to our house packed and we went off to the studio to tell them that we weren't gonna be here because, of the x factor and they said they knew cause simon was their studio manager anyways. Then, we went back to the studio and said that we were ready to go and they said ok go ahead to the airport and tell them that your there for the x factor usa show to go to hollywood and they will give you a sit to sit with evryone and you will have your own brecause of one direction having their own private jet and yaket. wew said ok and went off to hollywood to simon's house and got settled.

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