Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


25. Luke or Austin

                 Now since I've been crushing on all of the guys that have came into my house. I don't know who I'm going to be with. For the simple fact that I'm always in love with a lot of people to in the past few years. I do love Luke but what will I do?? My parents hate Beau's guts but they love Luke and love Austin to what will I do now!!


Sorry for the short chapter?? Comment what you think will happen??????

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