Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


8. Going Back Home after being stuck in the HOSPITAL for 2 long weeks!!

It was over finally the 2 weeks were over of being in the hospital for I've done. So, I went back to the house and my mom staying with me for about 2-4 months maybe just to help me and see how to make me feel better. But, nothing made me feel better only if I was home with my family and Amber only!! Maybe my boyfriend and that's a maybe not a real sure idea. So ,I went home with my mom and Amber and KEaton came with me just because, he wanted to. Then, Austin came because, he had tour in New Jersye so he just stayed with us in my house for the 6 months that I was staying there for. Amber and I and my mom went and visited everyone in my family and everyone that I knew in Amber's family to and I also met Amber's favorite relative. But, then after that Ipassed out and just fell to the floor because of what I saw behind Wesley adn Drew adn Amber. When, Iwoke up I saw Austin and KEaton and they were fighting and I don't know y but Austin jumped off of the patio becasue, we were in a hotel room that day so, I was like no Austin but then I looked down and I saw him on the floor with broken bones his arm and his leg.

So, I just woke up in like about 20minutes and when Idid I wanted to oinlt talk to Keaton adn Austin but Austin wasn't there. I said to KEaton y were u and Austin fighting and y did he jump off of the patio at the hotel. Keaton said to tell u the truth Austin likes u and I told him to back the fuck off because ur my girl and my girl only not urs so get the fuck over it.

R u kidding me u said that because, I've liked him for a while and now he has broken bones r u fucking stupid or something Keaton like really now he has to get a cast on his arm and a cast on his leg so now how the fuck is he gonna perform and do his concerts unless.... I explained to KEaton.

KEaton took me to the hospital and I stayed with Austin over night because, I wanted to stay with him so he would know that Ifelt bad and that KEaton did something horrible to him and he hurt him and me too. so when he woke up I saw his beautiful brownish blueish kind of eyes well mostly brown open. BUt, when I saw him I had a full stomach of butterflies. I ran to him and kissed him and I just hugged him to death. " I'm so sorry for what KEaton ahd said to you and what it has caused u to do to ur self." I imitated my own quote that I had made.

" I didn't do this to myself I fell off." he said and then when I started to talk he cut me off by kissing me and I kissed him back because, it felt so good and he was an amazing kisser too. Then, about 6 hours later a group of kids came in and said hi and were visiting Austin because, they found out he was in this hospital some how. But, it was really nice because, they all new he was Austin and they were all MAhomies and plus they thought we were dating too. they were say ing u guys are so cute together r u going out and did u guys ever have sex??? that was the main question. We said no but we r looking foward to it with each other when we r boyfriend and girlfriend which is right now. so I guess it was offical Austin said that we were bf and gf forever and that we were gonna have sex again because, we had before so yeah.

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