Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


15. Getting Ready for our Anniversity!!

  After they asked me all of it I was done because I was only thinking about Justin. I was only thinking about him and how he was cause he was hanging with is friends at the skatepark and smoking and drinking and drag racing. But, whatever.

Back to my anniversary. Austin had something planned I saw it in his face that he did. Anyways I went to my room picked out this really cute red short dress the first think that u think of and i put it somewhere so he couln't see it and afterwards i found my shoes that matched and hid those too. So, me and Niall walked downstairs to see everyone sitting down except for Justin cause he was out but anyways they were all talking about something but i couldn't figure out what tghey were saying so I just went over there a little bit closer and they stopped and looked to see if anyone was there and I was lucky that they didn't see me. I stayed where I was and listened they were saying that Austin had something planned for tonight or Justin I don't know cause they both have ustin at the end so yeah I don't know. I forgot that I think out loud and I thought out loud and said oh sit and then they looked and they said oh she probabky just opened her door and niall saw her with her bra on or something. Then, I walked down and I said to everyone oh hey guys so whatcha talking about. they all said nothing even though i knew but i didn't want to ruin it so i just kept it like i didn't know about it.

Well, since Justin was with is friends I went upstairs into his room cause I loved laying down in his room and looked for his 2nd phone and when I saw it he had 600 texts. They were all from his friends and they kept on saying come smoke we got some and then they said come on come with us Justin were going drag racing and the other ones were all about drinking. while i was reading them I heard Justin's voice coming upstairs and I said oh shit and then he walked in and I left his phone on and it was in my pocket. Anyways he closed the door and locked it and he started to undress and he took off his pants and then his boxers I was laughing but when he turned around he saw my shirt I left on his bed my sweatshirt and then he kneeled down and he was praying but just to say Austin was my boyfriend and when Jerry was just staying right there I just wanted to suck it so badly and I couldn't because then he would have known that I saw him undress and that he was on the phone with his friends and that his second phone was missing too. After he got up he went into the showere and when i heard him lock the door i got out from under the bed and I ran out the door but then i heard the door open and I saw a naked Justin standing right there in the bathroom doorway. I justcouldn't believe that he saw me I was so pissed at myself and especially cause my anniversity was today too. I then locked the door and Istayed inside and I said to Justin to not tell anyone I will do anything and he said anything so suck my dick. So i did so that he wouldn't tell anyone about it and so he wouldn't upset me today cause it was my anniversity day. He then just said to do it and he would promise me that he would never ever bring it up again even if i brought it up and I told Austin about it.

I then went back downstairs cause Austin was down there and I was so happy cause I needed him right away. Then, I saw everything that was downstairs and Austin asked me what he wanted to know probably for the thing he planned tonight for us somewhere. I picked everything that was romantice. So, I picked red, pink, and purple with a pinch of green.

It was 4:30 and Austin said to be dressed by 6:30 and he said to dress in a nice pretty dress that   love and that u will be comfortable in and that will be easy to get in and out of. I went upstairs cause it was 5:56 and it takes me at least 28 minutes maybe more to get ready. So, I got out my dress and my shoes and I put it on my bed underneath my sheets so Austin wouldn't see it so I could suprise him with my new dress that I had bought just for this day.

My Outfit but in red:

Austin's Outfit:     

Afterwards , when I went downstairs Austin was outside waiting for me with a limo.But Austin's reaction to my dress and shoes was like this " OH MY GOD SIRENA U LOOK SEXY AS HELL!!"

I knew that it wasn't him cause only Justin or Xavier would say that to me!!So, when I swa him in the light I knew that it was Austin cause,I sawhis red shoes and they were all red and onlly he has them.

He then took a blindfold and he put it on my face. When we had gotten to the destination he took it off of my eyes and when I saw what was infront of me I just couldn't believe my eyes of what I was seeing.

" You didn't Austin!!" I explained.

"Yes I did Sirena!!" He replied.

" I can't believe u got J..................


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