Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


6. Everyone in the House is with SOMEONE!!!!!!

One Direction,

Justin Bieber

Austin Mahone


Amber and Sirena (Me)


We are all with someone. I'm with Keaton , Zayn's with Perrie, Liam is with Daniella, Louis's with Elenor, Niall is with Cristina, and Harry has nobody but I'm always there for him all the time everyday. Drew's with Amber, Wesley is with me kind of anyways, Austin's with I don't know who, and Justin's with Selena. So, this is the old version but they are all still together with someone but Justin lost Selena ,Austin's not with anyone anymore, Niall's not with Cristina and me and Harry aren't really dating. Plus, Zayn and Perrie got engaged so they'll be getting ,married to each other really soon. Well, anyways enough about that lets talk about Amber and Drew.

Amber and Drew are hard to explain but I'm gonna do it anyways so here we go. Amber didn't like Drew but Drew liked Amber. But, Amber thought that Drew was cute after the last 2 weeks she saw him all the time in the house and everything. When they sstarted dating it was akward because, me and Drew had kissed and plus Drew liked me but Keaton was my boyfriend so I couldn't have dated him.Anyways Amber found out that me and Drew had kissed before and when they were dating she didn't get mad because, she knew he had feelings for me and she already knew that I had feelings for him to. So, when we all done with that nonsense me and Wesley had this accident with each other in Wes's room and everything. I didn't say anything about this in the first chapter because it was kind of awkward. Ok here we go. All of us went out to eat and I had toooo many drinks and I was so drunk that I was tired and Keaton had to walk me out to the car to take me home. When we had gotten home that night I was tired so I went to walk into Keaton's room but instead I walked into Wesley's room. So, I promised Keaton that we were gonna have sex one night and that night was gonna be tonight. But, when I went into bed I took everything off before I layed down on the bed. So, I layed down and I went underneath the covers and I unzipped his pants and I took them off and then I took off his boxers too. Just to remind you I was drunk and I didn't know what I was doing. So, Wes was sleeping and once I started to suck on his dick he woke up and started to moan out loud because, I was hurting his so much. He took off the blankets and he whispered to me Sirena what the fuck do you think yourrr doing to mee?? Then, he pulled me up and I sat on top of his dick and I started to fuck it in my pussy. When, I did that he was like ohhh noo. But, then all of a sudden I stopped. Wesley was like wait your dating my brother so why are you doing this to his brother. I was really sad that night just because, I got drunk and I did it with Wesley and not Keaton. So, I dissapointed Keaton, myself and escpesially the brothers that I loved and cared about.

The next day I didn't tell anyone where I was going or gonna do. So, I sneeked out of the house and I think Drew saw mw. When, I left though I took my phone and said bye Keaton love u and I always will. Then, I texted evryone else and I said bye everyone I love you all and I won't be back again ok so ye. I'm doing for the goodness of me and this is just for wqhat I did when I was drunk last night and something horrible happened. So, bye and I will never foret any of you. BYE FOREVER LOVE YOU FROM SIRENA P.S. Keaton I'm doing this because I was drunk last night and instead of sucking your dick I sucked Wesley's but he said to me no what r u doing im your boyfriends brother so bye forfever!!

I then went off and I hit a tree and a pole on purpose but I pretended like it was and accident so yeah. But, then the street was blocked off and then Keaton tracked my phone and he found me and saw me bleeding and hurt inside of my car and what I did I thougght was really stupid but you know what he might be mad at me and I might be mad at me. So what if that's what itr had to come to because, what I've been doing when I get into the wrong room or whenI'm drunk. Sorry but I had to. Police then came and then ambulances and then I saw everyone's face and they looked sad and mad at me but Keaton and Amber were the ones that were the really sad ones and everyone else just couldn't come by me. The ambulance took me away in it and then everyone in there cars were following the ambulance. Good thing my mom didn't see this on tv because, then she would have killed me. But, then when my mom texted me and called me and asked if I was alright I answered and said what do u mean. Plus, when I said that she was at the hospital in the room with me and she was really sad and she couldn't stop crying then I looked on the other side and Keaton was there with Amber. Amber was holding me hand and she just didn't let go. But, then came the hard part the doctor let everyone come in and Wesley and KEaton stepped out and started to argue. But, then I yelled and I said Keaton adn Welsey get your asses over here. So, they came and I said to KEaton if you leave this room I'm gonna let myself die right here right now. I told KEaton that Wesley stopped me from doing anything else to him that night and Wesley addmitted it and I told Keaton that if I do it again then I will tell u because I will probably be drunk if I ever do this ever again.

So, Keaton and my mom stayed with me in the hospital for the 2 weeks I was there Keaton and them didn't go on tour and plus they didn't do anything because, they were to worried about me. So, as I was in the hospital they would all come in seperate times Drew and Amber would come then One direction and their girlfriends would come and then Justin woiuld come by himself or with his mom . But, the worst part was that me and Keaton would go for walks and we would talk about what he would do without me or how he wouldn't be able to live without me. Everyhting he said to me was upsetting and I wouldn't stop crying until he stopped talking to me about it. Me and Wesley went for a walk the one day because, Keaton wanted us too. When me and Wesley went for that walk that day KEaton watched us talk out of my window. So, when me and him were talking we would hug and KEaton wouldn't do anything. But, then when me and him were just kissing on the cheeks he would get a little mad about it plus he would get over it anyways. So, now here's the problem of being in the hospitals......


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