Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


1. The Meeting!!

      It all started with a warm, hot, sunny day and Me (Sirena) and her best friend were swimming and listening to music. While we were swimming 'Best Song Ever' by one direction came on and I was singing along to it. But when it was over I got out and was laying down in the sun. Then I saw this black mini van that poked liked Justin Bieber's so I told my friend "Hey let's go over by that black mini van!!"
"Ok Sirena but if  its Justin Bieber I'm gonna tucking kill u!!" Amber said. 
"I don't know who it is though!!" I answered her.
So I just pulled her out to the black mini van. I noticed that we were still wearing out bikinis and we just went out to it anyways. Now when we walked over to the van it wasn't a can it was a hummer limo. So me and Amber walked to the door all the way in the back and went in it because it had our names on it so we went in of course. While we were in there I stopped and stared because Justin Bieber and One Direction and Austin Mahone and Emblem3 were in the car.


       Then we got to the place we were suppose to go to and Amber saw everything but Sirena didn't she was still passed out!! I was actually happy because we were in the stage in MetLife stadium. But like 20mins later Sirena woke up. When she woke up she was like where r we because Justin laid her down on his dressing room bed. But when she saw me and she saw Justin Sirena thought that she was dreaming so I asked her "Sirena are u ok??" She said yes!!So then when I told her this wasn't a dream she said then wheres all of Justin Bieber's tattoos. He picked up his shirt and just took it off and he said see there they all are Sirena! 

    But then we brought Sirena I stage she was happy and she said so y r we here and Justin said because u Sirena are gonna be my One Less Lonely Girl! Sirena didn't pass out but she just hugged Justin really really tight. 

Sirena's POV:

    When I saw Justin Bieber my idol and hero in my life I was thinking that I was dreaming but then when he took off his shirt and I saw the stage he was gonna perform on I knew I wasn't dreaming. But then when he started to say to me " Hey babe how are u doing??" I just kept on saying back "Good how r u babe??" But then we just kept on going back and forth. 

    Then I saw Austin Mahone and said "hey Sirena r u ok??" One Direcion was there to and they said to me "Hi love r u feeling better??" Emblem3 was there to and I ran to Wesley first because he was my favorite. So when I ran to Wesley and I hugged him he said" How r u Sirena r u ok!!" 

I said perfectly fine to all of them because they looked at me like I had more then one head. So I let go of Wesley and I went and hugged everyone else too. So we all sat down and started to talk to each other so that we could get to know each and every other person a lot more better. When we were talking Justin's crew came in and said 40mins TIL the show because The Wanted is almost done with their songs so get ready. So while he was getting undressed he didn't noticed that I was still in the room but he said to me oh no it's fine. So I was watching him in his underwear and he had no shirt on. Then when I look Ed in the crowd I saw my cousins best friend Anthony. He came up to me and said hey Sirena I love u and I always will and I will never forget what we did and I won't forget this either.

What he meant by never forget this he meant * this kiss* I was so happy and Anthony was actually a really good kisser though. He said that he loved me. Plus he also told me that he will always remember me and him the kiss we just kissed. I was so fucking happy. So me and Anthony went backstage and I said to all of them hey guys can my friend Anthony stay back here with me so that he can comfort me. So they all said yeah of course. So me and Anthony and Amber stay backstage with all of the other singers and we just kept on staring into each others eyes and then cuddled and amber like Liam so she cuddled with him. So I was guessing that me and Anthony were boyfriend and girlfriend now since we kissed and cuddled. But I had to break it to him nice an slowly and nice and calmly to him by myself.

"Anthony I have to tell u something really important."

"What is it Siren??"

"we can't be together."

"wait y??"

"because I'm dating Keaton Stromberg from Emblem3 sorry!!"

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