all you need is love..

Imagine living in a world.. where being gay was normal.. and being straight was a sin? What happened if you got bullied for liking whom you liked? And how you thought of things? Who would want to be different when they where raised to like the same sex? Who would want to HURT instead of liking the same sex? what would happen to you? Your family? Your friends? Who would stay? Who would fight? Who would fall far far behind? And whats left? When you have nothing? Who would be their for you? Well HE stand up for you? Or well he leave you? Well you forget.. about him? Or forever be picked on.. For liking Him? Being bullied isnt all that is going on.. Maybe it will work out... But who knows right? Imagine that...



1. how I knew I was different..

We were the picture perfect family.. you could say.. With two wonderful moms.. Yes two moms.. Its normal.. Here I was a happy little girl.. The happiest!! Couldn't ask for anything better.. Oh my name is Ashley.. I have a brother named Tod My mom's names are Melilisa and Jess. I have blonde hair Hazel eyes.. Im short for my age winch im 13 and 4'9.. I was raised to like girls.. 

 I knew I was different.. It all started at my Uncles wedding.. I didn't know what that feeling was.. Towards the flower boy.. He just gave me the chills... Maybe If I would of ignored that feeling I would of turned out normal...

"Hey ash." My friend cassie said "what you wanna play?" She responded with how about me and ash are the moms and you to have to do what ever we say.. then the boys said "No how about we play and me and tod are the dads and you do what ever we say" Tod agreed "I have a Idea" I said "How about me and Mike play mommy and daddy" I said cassie didn't like that... "your a hetro!" "You breeder" "No im not" I say "Come on Mike we don't play with hetros" They left.. after that I tried really hard to be normal..

Hey ash my mom said to me giving me breakfast I smile and then my other mom said "Ew a hetro couple moved in the other day " My mom just laughed and said "Ashley and tod I want you to go the other way to school I regrected that and said "but its two times longer" She didn't care though.. who knew.. My life would suck..

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