Summer just stared, Molly and her 4 best friends, Zoie, Bailey, Allison, and Maddie went 2 a 1D concert and met the boys, Molly was already seeing Justin Briber and had been together for 4 weeks already but when her big brown eyes meet Harry's she falls in love again and is lost. Will Molly be with Harry Styles or Justin Briber?


3. After the 1D concert

After the concert the girls were walking around laughing and giggling.

Allison and Zoie-

Molly are u ok u have a red spot on top of your forehead and it's turning purple.

Molly- yea I'm fine

Hey! The girls turned around 2 see Harry, Zayn, Louie, Niall, and Liam walking up 2 them. The girls were so excited but remained calm as Harry took Molly's hand and put his number on it and walked away before anyone could anything. 





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