Summer just stared, Molly and her 4 best friends, Zoie, Bailey, Allison, and Maddie went 2 a 1D concert and met the boys, Molly was already seeing Justin Briber and had been together for 4 weeks already but when her big brown eyes meet Harry's she falls in love again and is lost. Will Molly be with Harry Styles or Justin Briber?


1. Going 2 the 1D concert

--Zoie pov--

MOLLY,BAILEY, ALLISON, MADDIE!!! Hurry up I don't want 2 miss the concert, If we want front row seats we have 2 get there early.

--Bailey pov--

We are coming, well me and Allison and Maddie is, Molly is on the phone with Justin again, SICKKK they have only been dating for a couple of weeks.

--Molly pov--

ok I'm ready LETS PARTY!! 

--Maddie pic--

i can't wait 2 stare into Niall's big blue eyes.

--Allison pov--

im all Zayns 

--Baliey pov--

Liam is Mine

--Zoie pov-- 

Louis is mine 

--Molly pov-

(just stays quiet)





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