A Bit of Both

Some people can probably relate to me, from being their name is Alana, or, they are fourteen years old, and even that their parents are divorced and they are constantly switching back and forth, back and forth, from one house to the other one, and back to the one before and... yes.
But, I don't think you'll be able to relate to a more personal situation I'm currently stuck in.
Since my parents live in separate places, a good way away form each other, there are bound to be different people in the two places, right?
That's the problem.
There's romantic, understanding Evan down opposite my mums cottage in Brighton, by the coast, and good looking, caring Liam in the flat above my dads, in busy London.
And, because I'm me, I've fallen for them.


4. securing it down into my latest trap 'The Messy Bun'.

   I awoke to the continuous clatter and bangs of what sounded like someone moving furniture around above me. Then I realised it must be Liam and his family upstairs, placing their furniture. Obviously, they are not very good at making decisions, for I lay there for an hour, and still, the noise remained.


My door creaked open, to reveal dad, in his navy dressing gown, a hot cup of tea in his hands. "Morning little one! Rise and shine!" He sung cheerfully, though I could hear the tiredness in his voice clearly.


"I don't suppose you'd mind getting dressed and taking the laundry to the laundrettes pumpkin? It's only down the road. See, the machine's broken and well," He explained, and then grinned, "I've a job interview tomorrow, and I don't want to seem the unclean type eh? Ta pumpkin!"

I was surprised how relaxed he seemed about letting me walk down the stairs by myself, let alone out of the flat! There must be a catch... I've just not caught on. I'm not good at that though. 'Spose, a bit blunt, like, er, a used pencil? I don't know, you get the idea...

I licked my lips, moistening them, and clothed myself hurriedly, deciding I would take a shower when I got back.

I pulled on my tight skinny jeans and a plain, yet elegant white t-shirt, that hugged my figure well. Then, after a while of determination, effort and strength, I managed to pull on my vans, which still had the laces done up. Call me lazy, please.

Then I tackled the next task, of brushing my monster of hair. I gripped my brush firmly, as if it were a sword, and slashed at the beast, letting out injured yelps as it took defence, biting at my scalp. I'd had enough, and decided to kill it off once and for all. I took the Baby Johnsons De-tangling spray and sprayed it directly into the monsters eyes, blinding it. It was at it's most vulnerable now, so I took to slashing at it, with all my might before the spray wore off and it attacked again.


I then tied up the monster, with ropes and special clips, securing it down into my latest trap 'The Messy Bun'. It can not escape, especially now I had frozen it with powerful 'Hairspray'.



Satisfied with my victory, I slung my bag over my shoulder and grabbed the two Sainsbury bags full of clothing, already by the door.

I shouted a quick good bye to dad, received a muffled "Bye pumpkin!" In response and head out the door. I shut it behind me and turned around...

I nearly jumped out my skin!


There waiting for me, was none other than Liam. "Hey babe, you ready?" He smirked cockily.
"Ready for what? And don't call me babe!" I spat, remembering my self-promise. I though of Evan, and glared at Liam.

"Our little outing to the laundry place. Don't think daddy would let you go on your own, hmm?" He smiled, taking a bag from me. Hm...

So this was the catch. Dad asked Liam to take me... Ugh!!

I grunted and he laughed. He slung a arm around my waist, and I tensed. Liam noticed, and stuttered a sorry. "It's fine," I admitted, I mean, what harm would it do? He hid a knowing grin and replaced the arm on my waist.


On the way to the laundrettes, he asked me a series of questions, that I answered, and then asked him, however apart from the basics like, birthdays, age etc., he remained mysterious, which, unfortunately left me craving the information of which he refused to reveal.


I felt guilty, thinking about Evan. What would he do if he knew I was traipsing the streets of London with another boys arm wrapped around my waist, his hand lingering very near my bottom?

I don't care, it's not as if he puts his arm around my waist is it?

I've got to admit, I do quite like Liam, nearly as much as Evan. It's not as if I am in love with him, and I don't know why I have fallen for the two boys so quick, but, I can't help it!

"Here we are, Alana," He said, careful to not replace my name with babe. That was nice, remembering I didn't like it, though secretly, I wanted him to call me babe. I nearly slap myself for thinking that, and move my thoughts to the sickening smell of washing powder and dirty clothing, and Liam's' musky cologne... SHUT UP ALANA!


Liam took the other bag from me and paid the lady out of his own pocket! No!

"Liam! I was going to pay!" I huffed angrily. He laughed and shook his head. Aw, I guess he does have a sweet, polite side, even if he does try to hide it.

Liam lead me to sit down, but there was only one seat left, Liam grabbed it, and I frowned playfully.

"Hm, I guess you are just going to have to sit on my lap princess?" He teased, and grabbed my waist, pulling me down to sit on his lap.

I sat on the very edge of his lap, my arms crossed, pouting. An old lady came past and said, "What a lovely couple!"

"Yes, we are! She's lovely!" Liam remarked, smirking again.

"We are not a couple!" I shrieked at Liam. He just winked at me, and sighed.


Finally, the washing was done and Liam helped me fold it into the bags, took one to carry, and slipped his arm sneakily round my waist.

He quickly removed it as my dad opened the door. It was my time to smirk now!

"Uh, hello Mr..." tripped Liam, blushing.

"Blothum, Mr Blothum," laughed dad. "Liam? I've an interview tomorrow, and it's going to take me a long time to get to, in fact, I'm leaving tonight and staying at a hotel near the place, I don't suppose you'd mind staying the night at my place to look after pumpkin, and then entertain her tomorrow eh?"

I gasped. "Dad! You don't know him! He could be a paedophile, a murderer, a thief, a ... a ... potato! You know I have potatoes!" I shouted.

Liam and dad laughed hard. Ugh!

Dad laughed, "I do, I do though! I didn't recognise Linda at first, but we used to work together and I used to baby sit Liam until he was... twelve. Then I lost my job and 'ent seen em' since, but I'd trust Liam with you for sure pumpkin. In fact, you know him already. You, my lovely, would play with him when I babysat him!"

I gasped... I though there was something familiar about him!

I sighed, and sent Liam a glare, whom winked at me before I stomped inside, secretly excited that Liam was staying the night and taking me out tomorrow.  

"Right pumpkin, I need to go get ready, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I forgot. I've left a bit of money for a takeaway, and he'll be round in an hour. I'll be back around dinner time tomorrow okay?" Called dad from the bathroom.

"Right!" I replied, and decided I needed to look nice for when he came round because... I liked him... ALANA! STOP IT! Okay then, because I DONT like him? Ohh...


I hopped in the shower and washed my hair with the nicest smelling shampoo I could find, and scrubbed myself raw with my body puff.

Then, I wrapped a towel around me proceeded to dry my body, so I could change into my tight floral leggings and a cosy, cute grey hoodie, that went really well with the leggings. I wore nothing on my feet, so I painted my nails a bright aqua.

I applied thick mascara, making my eyes look okay, actually, and some red lippy. Hm, I actually looked, how do you put it? Pretty?

I left my long, night black hair down, in loose waves, and let it snake down my back.

By the time I was done, dad was just leaving. "Bye!" We called at the same time, and three minutes later, appeared Liam.

By the look of things, he'd changed too, and done his hair! Hmm...

He wore a tight black T-shirt, with a v-line neck,  and light coloured, boyish skinny jeans and plimsolls. He had a brown, wooden beaded necklace on and his hair was done so what he had of it's short strands, were spiked up. He looked... HORRIBLE ALANA! HE LOOKED HORRIBLE. NOT HOT...


"Hey princess," He said, walking in, looking at my bum. Oh I should not have worn these leggings.

"Hey," I blushed at my new nickname, and looked down, hiding my red cheeks.

How was this night going to go? Oh wait... and tomorrow...


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