A Bit of Both

Some people can probably relate to me, from being their name is Alana, or, they are fourteen years old, and even that their parents are divorced and they are constantly switching back and forth, back and forth, from one house to the other one, and back to the one before and... yes.
But, I don't think you'll be able to relate to a more personal situation I'm currently stuck in.
Since my parents live in separate places, a good way away form each other, there are bound to be different people in the two places, right?
That's the problem.
There's romantic, understanding Evan down opposite my mums cottage in Brighton, by the coast, and good looking, caring Liam in the flat above my dads, in busy London.
And, because I'm me, I've fallen for them.


3. 'looked as if it had been dunked in oil!'

   During that week, Evan and I sat together on the train everyday, and he would even sit with me on the way back too. Of a morning, he would kindly wait at the end of the street for me, and walk with me to the station and of an afternoon, I'd find him casually perched on our school walls.

It's not as if we were together (I wish!) however some of the girls got that impression. They wouldn't talk to Evan, but oogle at him from the ground, and send me jealous glares when he hopped down to walk with me, giving me a friendly hug before hand.

On Friday, on the way back home, he made me sit next to the window because he knew it was my favourite seat. I blushed and thanked him, and he just laughed.

"So, Lana," (That was what he called me now, hehe!) "Since you're in London through the weekend, maybe we could grab a smoothie from Mr. Smooth café? If you want to, of course, I mean I wouldn't want to force you, you know?" We both giggled childishly at this, our dirty minds talking over.

"No, no, I would love to Ev, really!" I admitted, looking at him, making sure he wasn't joking about.

"Good, right, maybe you should text you're mum about it?" He suggested. I nodded, and rang her to be quicker instead.

"Hi honey, yeah of course you can, Evans lovely, be sure to be done by half five in time to hop on the train for dad!" she said, hanging up.

Oh. Dad. We only had half an hour! I told this to Evan and he understood, and made it his priority to constantly check the time through sips of his smoothie, making sure I wasn't late.

What really made my day was when he refused to let me walk to the station by myself. He gave me and hug and wished me a good weekend, and went off home. Sigh.

I think I really like Evan. I know it's only been a week but, well. It's not just because he's really good looking. He gets me. He is just so understanding and caring! I wonder if he likes me too?

Hah! In your dreams Alana Williams!

Lost in thought, I was very nearly late for my train, and hopped onto it just as the doors were closing. I thanked myself for not being fat, or I would have gotten stuck.

I took a seat and popped my school bag on the other side of me. Because I didn't go home to pack my few essential bits, I didn't have them on me, however that was fine as I had just about enough at my dads.

My dad lives in an estate in London, full of druggies and gangs. I don't really like it, but it's all dad could afford after the divorce so, I can't complain.

He tries his best to make sure I'm comfy and safe, and entertained.

That's when I remembered that a family was moving into the flat above my dads tonight, at around the time dad and I have our takeaway. That should be interesting, shouldn't it?


Finally, I arrived, and as soon as I got off the train, dad embraced me in his beefy arms, and I felt safe and little. I breathed in his scent of old washing machine powder and coffee.

"So pumpkin, let's go! How has school been, you alright?" He asked, as we walked down various roads and path ways. "Yeah, it's been great, in fact, brilliant! But, on Monday, I had a bit of a panic attack in assembly." I told him quickly, thinking of Evan.

Dad nodded, and fumbled around in his jean pockets for the flat key, a little out of breath. I couldn't go in the lifts, and he refused to let me walk the stairs alone, because of where we lived.

It was past dinner time, and the family should be moving in now.

As if on cue, a mattress was heaved past us by a man a little older than my dad, and by his side, a woman, my mums age, with long, brown hair that looked as if it had been dunked in oil. She smiled, and came over to dad to introduce herself.

"Hia love," she began, holding out a well manicured hand to my dad. He shook it, and smiled. "I'm Linda, and this is my hubbie, Dan. And this is Liam..." She looked around for this 'Liam' and then called out "Liam!".

From round the corner, carrying a pile of bed covers, appeared Liam.

 Wow... he was as good looking as Evan but in a different way. He was very dark skinned, and his hair was sort of shaved into a stubby look, and on the side, it was shaved so that there were three stars.

He wore a tightish white t-shirt that showed a faint six pack, and his muscular arms. He wore baggy jeans, that were low slung, and trainers. He saw me looking at him, looked and me, and then winked.

"This is Liam, he's fifteen, and what about you lovey?" She said, looking at me.

"Oh, hi, I'm Alana, I'm fourteen, fifteen in a week." I stumbled.

"That's nice, I'm sure our Liam and you will get along just fine," She smiled. Dad waggled his eye brows at me and I sighed. The family said good bye and carried on upstairs to their new home.

"They seem nice enough eh pumpkin?" Said dad, taking my bag from me and popping it on the kitchen work top. "Yeah yeah," I agreed.

We ate our takeaway in a comfortable silence, watching our usual television programs of The Only Way is Essex and The Simpsons.

I curled up on the sofa, sipping some hot milk, and gradually started to fall asleep. Dad picked me up bridal style and lay me gently down into my make shift bed ( an old mattress and heaps of blankets) on the floor. I smiled sleepily and whispered "Night, dad,".

"Night pumpkin," he mumbled, kissing my forehead and walking out. Bless him, he does try and give me the best he can. He's broke though, and he can't help it. The flat it very basic.

In the living room there is an old, boxy television sitting on a wobbly coffee table, in front of the ripped sofa dad got from his friend. The carpet is splattered with various stains but it's cosy and warm.

The kitchen is a little mucky, and the worktops could do with a wipe. There's a tiny cooker that just about works, and a tumble dryer that has a tendency to stop half way though the drying process. It sits by the washing machine, that leaks a lot, so there is always wads of tissue stuffed around the opening. The floor is just your typical polished floor boards, and the walls are a damp green colour.

Then there is my dads room which is cramped and confined, and my room, which is basically the same. I've a broken chest of drawers and a cracked mirror. And a make shift bed. I'm fine with what I have, it's only for the weekend, and the most my dad could do.

He rants on about being a bad dad and providing me with 'crappy living space' but I sigh and protest that it's perfect. He will smile sadly and give me a hug, sighing also.


I get comfy under my sea of blankets and snore softly, falling into a peaceful sleep.

I open my eyes sharpish. I like Evan, and I think I might like Liam, if I get to know him. Holy cheese balls. I know, I will not accept invites to hang out with Liam, and show him I am not into him. Phew.

I finally settled into a light and dreamy, thoughtful sleep, letting my mind waver over nothing, as it usually does.

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