Riddles I found

These are some riddles i found on the Internet and I wanted you guys to figure them out! I DO NOT OWN THESE I JUST WANT YOU TO FIGURE THEM OUT!!!!

Enjoy :)


7. Part 7

A man was working in his toolshed when his son came in crying.

“What’s wrong, Son,” asked the father.

“Daddy, I was playing marbles with the other boys at school,” whimpered the little boy. “One of them stuffed a ball bearing in my ear and it won’t come out.”

“Don’t worry son,” said the father. “I’m sure I have something here that will get it out.”

The father’s favorite hobbies were science and woodwork. His workshop was filled with all manner of contraptions, gizmos and inventions. He gazed around his toolshed and his eyes settled on a super-strong electro-magnet he had built himself.

“This machine here is a magnet,” he told his son. “The ball bearing is metal, so when I turn this machine on, it will yank the ball bearing out.”

The man placed his son’s ear up against the magnet. He flicked the switch and there was a loud clang. His son crumpled to the floor, killed instantly.

How did the son die?

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