Riddles I found

These are some riddles i found on the Internet and I wanted you guys to figure them out! I DO NOT OWN THESE I JUST WANT YOU TO FIGURE THEM OUT!!!!

Enjoy :)


5. Part 5

A young girl was locked in a coalshed. She was crying. Through her tears, she noticed an old lamp sitting among the pieces of coal. She picked it up and began rubbing off the coal dust.

Suddenly a genie appeared and said, “I will grant you one wish. Choose wisely, for one wish is all I can grant.”

“Please make my parents disappear!” cried the girl. “I really hate them!”

“Your wish is my command,” said the genie. “Go to sleep tonight. Before you wake up in the morning, your wish will be granted.”

The next morning, the girl woke up and went downstairs. She found her mother and father sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. The girl immediately regretted making the wish. She ran out to the coalshed and began rubbing the lamp.

The genie appeared and asked, “Are you happy now?”

“Please let me take back the wish I made yesterday”, begged the girl.

“I am sorry,” said the genie. “Once a wish has been granted, it cannot be taken back.”

The young girl began crying bitterly.

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