Hybrids are being hunted in the city of Mesquite. However, all of them have been killed.
Except for one.
Louis is in charge of the very last hybrid and Ashley has to help him out.
And no one can find out about their little secret.


2. Realization


   *Louis' POV*

           Harry steps back with a confused look on his face. "Louis Tomlinson!" Ashley yells at me. She takes my arm and pulls me into another room. "Hey, we left Harry alone!" I say, trying to get back to him. If I leave him alone for too long, he'll scratch up all the furniture!  "Louis, you do know that you can get in serious trouble for hiding that hybrid?!" Ashley scolds. "Well what was I supposed to do?! Leave him in that to suffer and die? Or to be found and shot?!" I yell back. Her face softens and I speak again, "I couldn't leave him alone to die." She sighs and says, "How long have you been taking care of him?"  "Two days.." Her eyes grow a bit wide and she begins to rub her temples. "Ashley, they're trying to find him and kill him. You need to help me." I try and convince her. "Help do what?" She asks. "Hide him. Keep him away. Please." She sighs and nods. I cheer and we head back to the bedroom. "What's wrong?" Harry asks, sitting on the floor again. "Harry stand up." He whines but follows my orders. "Harry, I'm sorry, Louis just had to explain some things to me. I'm Ashley." She introduces herself and pulls Harry in for a hug. Harry looks confused but I reassure him by saying, "Girls greet each other by hugging. Men greet each other by shaking hands." I laugh. Harry nods and smiles. "So Harry, how have you been?"

    *Ashley's POV*

         This is going to be really hard. Hiding a hybrid from the entire world...Impossible. But we have to try. "Good. Louis gave me this necklace! It has a paper airplane on it. I got two more from him but those are on my desk right now." Harry says, playing with his necklace. He's so cute. "How old are you?" I ask him. "19. About to turn 20 though." he says proudly. "Why don't we take a seat, yeah?" Louis suggests. We all sit down at the couches. "These bug ugly men took away my mum and sister. But I talked to them today. They said they're in a better place now." Harry says. I really feel sorry for Harry now. He lost his mum and sister. He talked to the angels. I like Harry, and I'm not going to let anyone get to him. "Boo, I'm hungry." Harry purrs at Louis. "Boo?" I repeat the nickname. "He calls me his boobear." Louis explains; rolling his eyes but still smiling. "That's adorable!"   "Come on then." Louis and Harry get up and I follow. "Tuna?" Louis asks, handing the food to Harry. Harry gratefully takes it and digs in. "So how do you plan on hiding a hybrid from everyone in the world?" I ask Louis. "Easy." He replies. "But you're quite popular. You get visitors all the time, Lou. And he's part cat, he's going to have to get outside sometimes." I whisper back at him. "I just realized that." Louis looks back at Harry. Harry purrs at him and continues eating. "Plus, he'll rip up your furniture to shreds." I add. Louis sighs and nods.

               "We'll do it somehow. We need to keep Harry safe."



     ****Author's Note****

              Hi! I'd just like to let you know that I have an instagram; CarrotQueen16   I also have a twitter; Braverybirds17   If you could, would you follow them please? If you haven't heard of my other fanfic, Irresistible, I update on that more on my instagram than on my movellas account. On twitter you can ask me any questions and I also let you know about when I'm updating my fanfics. I'd really appreciate it if you'd follow those accounts of mine. Thanks! :)

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