Lost Within

Enjolras has made a huge mistake. Losing the girl he loves. Now he has to get her back. He only knows one thing. His love for her. Will he get her back?


2. london

The morning after the fight, Eponine piled into a car stuffed with most of the Amos and her suitcases. She was the only one going to college out of country. Eponine sighed and looked out the window lost and broken.

Massie clamped a hand on her shoulder. "Forget about him, hun. You can do better." She told her sincerely.

Eponine sighed. "But, I don't wanna do better." She mumbled in a whiney tone.

"Hun. Let go." She told her.

Eponine layed her head down on Massie's shoulder. Massie ran her hand through Eponine's hair in comforting way.

"Eponine. I told you I would break every bone in his body, and I am not kidding." Grantaire butted in the girly moment. Eponine could feel Massie laugh. That made Eponine smile."that is a promise that I will keep!"

What if Eponine didn't want that?

They arrived at the airport. Eponine was in tears as she hugged everyone and said goodbyes. She cried the most when saying bye to Azelma and Gavroche, telling them to come and visit. Eponine had have Grantaire the key to Enjolras' apartment, telling him to keep a eye on him for her.

Eponine sat down in a chair until her flight was called.

"Flight 43 to London, England."

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