Lost Within

Enjolras has made a huge mistake. Losing the girl he loves. Now he has to get her back. He only knows one thing. His love for her. Will he get her back?


6. Dead

Eponine sat in the hospital room with Azelma in tears. The Amis chose to wait for her, outside the room.

"Zel. If you can hear me, I'm sorry I ever left. I'm sorry and I love you dearly." Eponine sobbed.

Azelma squeezed her hand. There they sat for a hour. Eponine got up to kiss Azelma's head, but something peculiar happened. All the sudden, Azelma's heart monitor started to beep. Louder and louder. It could be heard outside of the room. Doctors and Nurses came swarming in. Pushing around Eponine, the rushed to Azelma's side with medical tools. Eponine's sobs grew louder and more fierce.

"Miss!" A nurse said. "Miss! Excuse me?"

"Yes." Eponine responded through sobs.

"We're gonna have to ask you to leave." The nurse said.

"No. I won't. I won't leave my sister." Eponine yelled at the nurse.

"I. Said. Leave." The nurse yelled back.

"No. I won't leave Azel-" Eponine was cut of by arms at her side dragging we back.

"No! No! Zel! No! You can't do this!" Eponine kicked and screamed. "No! No! Zel! Azelma! No! Don't! Let! Me! Go!" Eponine screeched.

But the grip on her was to tight. Eponine was pulled out of the building. Eponine realized who it was and immediately stiffened. It was Enjolras and Marius.

"Let. Go." Eponine said through clinched teeth.

"Eponine. Calm down." Marius said, instantly regretting it when Eponine's cell phone rang.

"Eponine. You're sister is. Dead." Enjolras told her after answering her phone. Eponine broke down on the spot.

No. Not Zel. It can't be. Not the little sister Eponine would hold in her arms and comfort when she cried. Not the little girl who Eponine had spent years feeding. Who she gave her food to. Not the little one who Èponine sang to. Not the little girl who Eponine jumped in front of to save from beatings. Not the girl who Èponine had defending countlessly.

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