Breaking down Walls

Harry's beloved Joe left him because he broke their trust. He regrets everything he did. For two years on the night she left his heart shatters. When the boys help him find her, Harry has to break down her walls to save her.


6. making progress

Harry p.o.v.

Ok I got her to talk to me. That'a a start right? Well moving on. "Then why arn't you talking to me, or anyone for that matter?" She covered her mouth with her hands. At least now she knows the truth, but she won't tell me anything else. "I got up off the bed at sat next to her on the floor. She threw a notebook across the room...... What the fuck? "What did you do that for? When Joe has a secret, Joe has a secret. She doesn't tell anyone. "It's nothing. Just a small doodle." She's done it again! I'm making progress, good job Harry. I deserve a thumbs up.

"Well can I see it?" I got up to grab the notebook. "No!" She stumbled over and jumped on top of it. "Oh come on how bad can it be?" I shoved her off of the book and grabbed it. "Since when did our relationship become an abussive one?" I laughed, I always would shove her (lightly) when we were together. "It always has." I flipped to the first page, lyrics, lyrics everywhere. They weren't her own, they were Bon Jovi lyrics. She didn't just write them down, she made them in bubble letters going in all directions. Some where shaded in, these weren't just doodles. "Joe, these are amazing. But with how big the letters are how do you keep writing more songs?" By the size of the book and the letters it looks like it can fit one song. She pointed to her closet, walked over and opened. My mouth dropped as she brought out three boxes filled with notebooks. "Holy shit!" I joined her by the boxes. Each notebook had a title on it. From Kenny Chesney's Highway don't care, to AC/DC's It's a long way to the top. "Wow.." I was speechless. "I have about 100." I picked a couple up, they were like the other one. 

"You have a talent." She frowned. I never relized she was smiling. "No I don't." "Yes you do, you should get these published." She snatched the books from my hand and shoved me out her door. "Joe?" "I don't want to see you, Leave." Damn you Harry, I was making a lot of progress and now she turned on me. I just said that she should publish them. Did she even want to? Joe never liked the attention. I might have pushed her to far.

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