Breaking down Walls

Harry's beloved Joe left him because he broke their trust. He regrets everything he did. For two years on the night she left his heart shatters. When the boys help him find her, Harry has to break down her walls to save her.


21. Chpt 21.

Harry p.o.v.

Maisy pushed me out the door. I looked around and dug into the flower pot next to the door. There has to be a spare key. Found it! I put it in the door and truned the nob. It opened. "HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE!" Joe screamed. I didn't say anything. I just took at step closer. She took a step back. "Joe hear me out." I said calmly. I walked toward grabbing her and  sitting down on the couch. I noticed a copy of 'The Outsiders' on the coffee table. That's a good book.

"Ok so you went to a club, got drunk, came home with some slut.  What else is there to explain?" I stared at her. She was clearly pissed off. I will change that. "Joe, I love you. I loved you when you let me the first time, I loved you when you left the second time. I will never stop loving you." "How can I believe you Harry?" I leaned in closer and kissed her soft, lips. I didn't hold anything back. I kissed her with as much passion I had. She kissed me back. I pulled her closer and tilited my head to deepen the kiss. Her arms snaked around my neck. I pulled away. "Believe me now?" I whispered. She nodded and kissed my again. 



I showered and changed. Joe was sitting in the living room putting a movie in the TV. "Whatcha watching?" I sat down on the couch next to her holding her close. "The Last Song. You know the one with Miley Cyrus." I wasn't the biggest fan of her. Not since she cut her hair and the music video for 'We Can't Stop'  came out. I sighed and watched it with her. 

Half way throught the movie I was practally crying. I can't believe she was such a bitch to her own dad, he was practally having a heart attack." I sobbed. It was just so sad. Then I got all pissed of when Will invited his Ex to his sister's wedding. My eyes never left the screen but I could tell Joe was looking at me. "What?" I said looking at her but quickly turning back to the movie. "I can't believe THE Harry Styles is crying during a chick flick." "Oh shut up." I said giving her a quick kiss. "And I swear if you tell ANYONE! I will kill you." I threatened. 

I was wrong.




Sorry I take forever!!! I am just so busy (not). Ok fine I just never feel like it. KK Well Love ya'll! :P

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