Breaking down Walls

Harry's beloved Joe left him because he broke their trust. He regrets everything he did. For two years on the night she left his heart shatters. When the boys help him find her, Harry has to break down her walls to save her.


15. chpt. 15


IMPORTANT! I deleted the movella 'bout my life. So don't bother with it. Its gone. No one probably found it intersting so yeah.

Joe p.o.v.

Niall took me out side and told me to go to the town. I did what I was told. I can't believe Harry would do that to me. 

I called a cab and waited. When it arrived I was taken to downtown. "Sup." Niall was calling me. "Hey, sorry about Harry." "It's fine. I'll talk to him." "Are you sure?" "Yeah of course." "alright well when you are ready to come back you can." "K thanks Ni." "No prob. Bye." "Bye." I don't know if I should go back so soon. Maybe I should wait a few weeks. 

Niall would miss me most likely. I haven't really met the other boys. 


I checked into a hotel that night. It was 3:33 a.m and I couldn't sleep. I turned the tv on and flipped through the channels. Nothing was on so I decided to take a shower. I went to the tour bus and grabbed my stuff. "I'm guessing you're leaving?" A deep british accent said. "Yes Harry. You cheated and... and I can't look at you. Magazines say you are a womanizer but I never believed them till now." "Joe let me talk.." "No Harry, I'm leaving. Tell the boys I'm sorry that I never got to spend time with them. And tell Niall I'll miss him. "NO!" He yelled. "Whats going on in there!? I need my beauty sleep." Zayn came out of the other room rubbing his eyes. "Bye Zayn." "Wait where are you going?" He looked at Harry and he looked to the floor. "Home." I walked out and back to my cab.




Sorry it's short!!! But I have another book. Its on Wattpad about my fav  youtuber Jc Caylen. If you want to know wht its called just ask.



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