Breaking down Walls

Harry's beloved Joe left him because he broke their trust. He regrets everything he did. For two years on the night she left his heart shatters. When the boys help him find her, Harry has to break down her walls to save her.


13. chpt. 13

Harry p.o.v.

Liam, Zayn, Louis and I all went to the club. We decided to leave Niall to keep Joe company. 

"Hey Harry! You gonna get a beer or what?!" The bartender shouted over the music. I was good friends with him since I come here a lot. "Yeah just give me a Bourbon County." He left. I was waiting when a couple of girls came up to me. "Hey sexy! Wanna dance?" My drink arrived I payed, took a sip and followed the girls. 

"Hey Jess I'm going to go to the bathroom!" "Alright!" "So what's your name?" She asked me. The girl had beach blonde hair with pink tips and highlights. "Harry and you?" "Jessica, but people call me Jess." "I like your name! And what about your friend?" "Emily." She had auburn hair and black highlights. "She didn't really go to the bathroom." She pointed over to her friend talking to some guy. 


"Hey wanna go see who can drink the most amount of beer?" I nodded and we went over to the bar. "1....2.....3!" We chugged down the beers. Glass after glass.


In a few minutes we were drunk and grinding on the dance floor. She was tall and a little curvy. Perfect. Her bum was moving back and forth on my crotch. My hands were on her waist moving with her hips. 

"Harry!" Someone yelled. I turned my head as Liam and Zayn ran to me. "He pulled the Her off me. "Hey don't touch her!" I pulled Jessica close and walked away.


I was back in the tour bus. I remember the boys pulling me and Jessica out of the club. Niall was screaming at Liam. What was his problem? "I wanna seeeee." A girl said and pushed her way past Niall and into the room. She looked at me and Niall pulled her out and back into the bedrooms.

He came back out with her and left. Then came back in without her. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Woah some harsh words there..... I looked at Jessica and she was asleep.  "YOU THINK YOU CAN GO AND DO THAT TO HER!" Was he referring to the other girl? I think he was. 

They all went to sleep an hour later. Jessica had left but I got her number. I walked over to my bed and climbed in and driffted off into a deep sleep.



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