Over Again (Sequel to 'A Love That Lasts')

May moved to London, Met Harry Styles and fell in love. Harry cheated on May and then ran away. Will she find him again? If she does will their relationship ever be the same? Read to find out!

(If you haven't read 'A Love That Lasts' you probably should because this is a sequel and you wont know whats happening)


3. Confusion

Harry's P.OV


I hate myself every second of the day for what I did to May a year ago. Ive never felt the way i feel about her before. She probably hates me for cheating on her and then leaving, but i never even got a chance to explain myself. I didn't purposely cheat on her, Lily just threw herself at me and i couldn't pull away. I wish that I never even walked up to Lily to tell her to leave me alone, then maybe May would still love me. But she has a boyfriend now, and they look happy together.

"You alright mate?" Louis asks me, noticing i look down in the dumps

"I guess so" i say looking down

"LIAR!" he yells and tackles me and we wrestle while everyone laughs "you have gotten stronger young one" he laughs

"well i have been working out" i say flexing my muscle and i see May standing there biting her lip. She looked so damn sexy, i wanted her.

"you boys are crazy" i look up to see Jazzy (Jaz) standing there and i stand up to hug her

"Jazzy! I didn't even see you when i walked in" i say holding her tight, me and Jaz have been close since we met in the 2nd grade. Not too close, but close if you know what i mean. 

She notices me glancing over at May and her boyfriend and whispers in me ear "she really missed you"

"haha yeah right, she seems pretty occupied" i say glancing at them and Jaz gives me a 'what are you talking about' look

"Harry that's not her boyf-" she gets cut off by Liam coming over lifting her up and kissing her and i just walk away awkwardly.

"Harry" i hear behind me, i turn around to see my mum standing there "i didnt get a hug" she says smiling as i embrace her in the biggest hug ever

"i missed you mum" I say

"i missed you too" she says giving me a kiss on the cheek "i know someone else did too" she says glancing at May and i just smile. Did she really miss me? I had no idea


May's P.O.V


When Harry flexed his muscles, holy shit. He really has been working out. I wanted him to love me again, like before. That will never happen though, hes probably way happier without me. I should probably say hi but Nick has been standing at my side the whole time and i know he doesn't like Harry after what he did to me.

"Nick i think im going to go say hi to Harry, as friends" i say

"Why? He broke your heart" he says, a hint of jealousy in his voice

"Nick, im not going to go make out with him" even though i wanted to "Im going to go talk, im not going to hold a grudge forever." i say walking away up to Harry.

I tap him on the shoulder and he turns around shocked that i went up to him "hi Harry, how are you?" I ask sweetly, he looks up and down my body at my tight dress biting his lip.

"uhh...im great thanks for asking" he says returning back to reality

"so hows your girlfriend?" i asked determined to know if he had one

"girlfriend? hah i don't have one" he laughs

"what?! THE Harry Styles, sex god doesn't have a girlfriend?" i laugh and he laughs with me

"well don't let me keep you from your boyfriend" he says and i looked confused as he gestures across the room and i turn around to see hes pointing at Nick

"What?" i laugh but then Nick comes over and stands next to me putting his hand out for Harry to shake

"hey im Nick" he says trying not to sound like he already hates Harry

"sup im Harry" he says nicely. not.

"yeah..i know" Nick snaps not so sweetly

"well Nick your a lucky guy" Harry says gesturing to me and Nick gives me a confused look and then he goes along with it

"yeah yeah i am" he says happily wrapping an arm around my shoulder, then Harry walked away

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" i whisper yell at Nick "you know he thinks im your girlfriend and you still went along with it!"

"so what?! you don't like him in that way anyways so he just wont even try to get you back" the problem is, i really did like him in that way. I wanted to kiss him, i wanted to feel his muscled wrapped around me as we slept. I get snapped out of my dream by Nick pulling me upstairs to the bedroom and i look back to see Harry watching us.

"what the hell are you doing Nick?" i question as he pulls me into a bedroom

"i can see it in your face that you still love him May" he says with hurt in his eyes

"i do, but i love you too Nick your my best friend though and i don't wanna ruin that" 

"i know, but i don't want you dating him May! Your not going to date him again!"

Just then Harry barges in.

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