Over Again (Sequel to 'A Love That Lasts')

May moved to London, Met Harry Styles and fell in love. Harry cheated on May and then ran away. Will she find him again? If she does will their relationship ever be the same? Read to find out!

(If you haven't read 'A Love That Lasts' you probably should because this is a sequel and you wont know whats happening)


2. Bootcamp

The boys have been in boot camp for the past few months. They haven't contacted us much because their 'busy' but we don't really believe that because every time they do call they don't even wanna talk to me! Their definitely hiding something. Today's the day when they see if they made it through boot camp. Louis going to call me and tell me if they made it and i'm really nervous. Nick and I are watching a movie and i know he knows i'm nervous.

"Little nervous there May?" he asks laughing

"Why do you say that?" i say trying not to sound nervous but it doesn't work

"You check your phone every minute and your hand is shaking"

"ok maybe im a little nervous"

"Don't worry about it! They will be fine" he reassures me, just then my phone rings and i pick us instantly.

'Hello?' i ask

'Hey May, its Louis' he says, i can tell hes been crying

'oh no..' i say as tears start to form in my eyes 'im so sorry Louis' 

'im fine May, none of the other boys made it either' he said starting to cry again. I cant believe it. Not even Liam made it? Simon turned him down again? How could he do that to poor Liam?

'May i got to go me and the boys are being called back to the stage' he said

'ok bye Louis, I love you' i say

'Love you too, call you later' and the call ended and i just sat there shocked

"Im sorry May" Nick interrupts rapping an arm around me "I know how much you wanted them to make it"

"Ill be ok" i reassure him "im more worried about how their feeling" we continued watching the movie for another hour or so then Luke crashes through the door.

"They made it!!" he yelled jumping up and down. Did he not know?

"Luke what are you talking about?" i asked confused "they didn't make it"

"I know" he said and then i just looked at him like he was crazy

"what the hell are you talking about?" 

"Haven't you checked your phone?" he asked. I reached for my phone and i opened the text from Louis.


From: Louis(:

Hey!!! GUESS WHAT? We didn't make it as solo artists but Simon put us in a group!!! TOGETHER! Were going to be a band!!!! 


I couldn't believe what i was reading. The boys got put into a group! so they wouldnt have to battle each other and they would be together! This is amazing. 

I stood up and me and Luke started jumping around screaming "THEY MADE IT" and we were so happy for them.

"ummm....what are you guys talking about?" Nick interrupted and i showed him my phone and he stood up and all 3 of us started jumping around untill my phone rang again. It was another text from Louis.


From: Louis(:

We have a break before live shows, we will be hanging out at my parents house. I really got to talk to you about something, we all do. 


That worried me, a lot. There's definitely something that he isnt telling me. But i guess i will find out eventually.


~2 Hours Later~


Louis parents are throwing a congratulations surprise party for the boys when they get here. So me and Nick are on our way there to help set things up. Im so excited to see the boys! I haven't seen them in months. As soon as we arrive Mrs. Tomlinson, Mrs. Malik, Mrs. Horan, Mrs. Payne, and Mrs....Styles?? Umm...somethings not right. I hug each and everyone of them and when i get to Mrs. Styles she gives me a massive hug.

"Hello darling, I haven't seen you in a while!" she says cheerfully

"Yeah its been a while" i laugh "so are you back to visit?" i ask

"Yes, just helping to congratulate the boys" she says happily as Mrs. Tomlinson tells us to get down.

"Why is she here?" Nick asks concerned. Maybe a hint of jealousy there, he knows how much i liked Harry

"Just here to visit, i dont think Harry's with her" i said as the door opened and the lights turned on

"SUPRISE!" we all shouted as Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and.....HARRY?!?! oh....no oh no. I feel really lightheaded. Louis walked over to me and gave me a massive hug.

"May, before you get angry let me explain ok?" he asked but i just pushed him away. How could the boys do this to me? They've been lying to me for months! I thought they were my best friends. Nick reached for my hand and held it while i rested my head on his shoulder. Harry looked over and saw us like this and looked kinda sad, but he gave me a nice smile. I dont know if i can survive the night.


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