STAY AWAY(one direction )

Amelia starts by going to a concert but then begins liking Niall until it all ends....


7. Would never be me

     After gazing into his eyes , I knew that I was falling in love. What am I thinking ?  I cant fall in love with someone I may never see again. Here I am being selfish again thinking about myself being hurt when really, he would never like someone like me.



        All through school I learnt what people really thought of me. I realised that it would never be me that the guys would like to date. But I guess I'm  just me, I cant change me and even if I could then I wouldn't. Because no matter how hard you try to change yourself , there will always be that small part of you stuck inside of you. You cant deny it , just like you cant get rid of it.


"Are you ok?" Niall Asked

"oh um yeah sorry , just dazed out"

"oh" He nodded

"Anyway , I better go to my aunts before she gets worried. Thanks for letting me stay for a while ,  really appreciate it. "


"It was no problem at all ."


I opened the door and began to walk down the dark streets. Maybe , I don't really love Niall. Maybe , My thoughts overtook me .  What was I thinking ? A celebrity to like me ? I must be mad.


Why does he want me to wait for ? Does he like me to ?


"You dropped some money on the floor ." He said


"oh ok thanks again , for everything , bye "


"No wait , one more thing ."


"what ?"


He leaned in closer to me . There I was , still thinking , It would never be me.





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