STAY AWAY(one direction )

Amelia starts by going to a concert but then begins liking Niall until it all ends....


2. Fake Ticket

I was dancing to the beat of the music. I was so glad my Aunty had bought me these tickets. The music bounced around the stadium. Fans were screaming. I felt tugging at my arm and then a security guard pulled me out into the dark streets.

"What are you doing ?" I shouted.

"Good try, your ticket was fake. Don't try coming back!" He replied before walking away ,leaving me alone. Two fans walked past and gave me dirty looks. What am I suppose to do? There was another hour before my Aunty would be picking me up so I decided to walk to her house. An alley lead to  a street not to far from the house so I started my way through the darkness. Suddenly a door swung out and hit me and threw me to the ground. All I could see was a body leaning over me before my eyes began to close.




Sorry that its short, thank you for reading. Please comment what you want to happen or what you think, I would love to know your opinions, Thanks !

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