Victorian London. The air was barley breathable and thick with smog. Life was hard for everyone but especially young Myrtle; she and her brother live in a run down orphanage where she is hated by the majority of its inhabitance, she has struggled her way through her life orphan but it was about to get harder. Thieves. Rich. Poor. Hate. Love. Death. Her life had been turned upside down by one man...


5. The Discovery

"Up!" Belted Rachel, opening every door and screaming each child. Rudely woken, they all  dressed slowly and without talking. Myrtle was shaking, so much so she found it difficult to dress. With Ralph's assistance, she just about managed. She wore one of her least favourite dresses because she thought this one would get bloody from Ginny hurting her again. Ralph stood by the door in the same clothes he wore the day before, waiting for his sister. Outstretching his arm, Myrtle took his hand and they reluctantly went downstairs. 

Ginny sat on Emma's bed, as pretty as ever, "Do hurry up Em,"
"Sorry..." Emma was trying to pull on a rose frock, "It won't get on!" She squeezed her fat body into the dress, ripping it slightly as she did. Winnie silently laughed and slipped out the room. She passed Morgan on the way, he muttered a quiet hello and she nodded with a smile. He said to her, "Have a good sleep?" Winnie scrunched her nose and shook her head. "I doubt you can any night with Emma snoring like a pig right next to you!" Winnie's jaw dropped and Morgan hit himself on the arm, realising he had insulting her sister. Winnie and Morgan smiled, Winnie thought it too. They walked in silence to breakfast. Almost honoured that he had talked to her, Winnie blushed and smiled. 

Ralph was sat next to his sister with his arm around her when Winnie and Morgan entered the dining room. They had bowls of porridge in front of them but it was untouched and getting cold. Morgan automatically sat with them but Winnie didn't know where to go. She usually, though reluctantly, sat with her sister but they weren't down yet. Winnie was scared what Emma would think but she felt that they were her new found friends, her only friends. Grinning, she sat with Morgan, Myrtle and Ralph. Rachel put the bowls of porridge in front of them with a frown, taking no notice of Rachel's emotions, they began to eat. 

Rachel went back to the kitchen, trying to hold back her tears until she was out of sight. She slammed the side door from the dining room to the kitchen open and banged it shut behind her. Confusion had been bubbling up in side her ever since she had returned to the orphanage last night. Oscar was a violent man, she knew from experience, but then reacted like someone else had hit her, comforting her. She had always wanted to destroy his violent and angry side, to just have the kind and loving part of him. Her mission could not be done. She slumped down against the door and weeped, her hatred of herself rising within her. 

Truthfully, Oscar would never get another woman, their was no one that would tolerate him like she did. She looked up to the heavens and cried,"I don't want to be with him but I have to be! I hate everything I do, everything I do seems to offend him." She cradled her knees and rocked back and forth, staring at her cut wrists.

Hungry, Ginny and her groupies strutted down the stairs. Emma's stomach gurgled disgustingly and her and Hugo shoved each other to be directly behind Ginny. Ignoring the commotion behind her, she burst into the dining room, expecting their food to be laid out already. A quiet mutter came from Ralph and Myrtle as she began to hyperventilate. Winnie placed a comforting hand on Myrtle's hand. "Winnie! What are you doing? Befriending... Them!" Winnie desperately wanted to get up and hit her sister, to exclaim that she was her friend and Ginny or Emma was her friend but she couldn't. Ginny grabbed Emma's arm and whispered,"Leave it. She's turned, betrayed us," she let go and turned, with a sickly sweet smile, to Hugo,"Come and sit with us, there's no space on that table anymore." Hugo blushed, and ecstatic, sat opposite Ginny. 

"Where's are food?" Emma complained, "I'm hung-"
"Your always hungry. Stop complaining and I will check with Rachel where the food is." Emma slumped in her chair and held her stomach. Hugo couldn't stop smiling at Ginny as she got up and knocked on the kitchen door. Ginny put on her sweetest tone and said,"It's Ginny, we were wondering if we could have breakfast." There was no reply. Ginny shoved the door but it wouldn't budge, there was something blocking the door. Now interested, the other table stared at her, enjoying watching her fail opening a door. She shoved again but it wouldn't budge. Everyone began to giggle. "There's something blocking the door," she wined at everyone. Morgan sighed at got up from his chair. Everyone went silent. He walked over to the door and kicked it with such force it came off its hinges! Gasping, the children ran over to see. 

A table had been blocking the door but Rachel was no where to be seen. Hugo screamed and pointed a shaking finger up at the ceiling. There hung Rachel, by the neck. The others screamed too. No one knew what to do. "Get the police!" Hugo wailed. Myrtle ran out the room and into the entrance hall. She burst out the front door and ran right into Patrick. He said,"Woah... Woah." Myrtle was in tears. "What's happened?"
Shaking she whispered,"Rachel... She hung herself!" Shocked, Patrick embraced her and knew this wasn't the right time to ask her about the job. Ginny burst out the front door and saw Patrick hugging Myrtle. Patrick let go of her and defended himself,"This is not what it looks like! She was upset, what else was I meant to do?" Ginny scowled at him and Myrtle. Clenching her fists, she stormed over to them and hit Myrtle in the eye. "What are you doing? I hugged her, thats it. Calm down love cal-" Patrick said, shocked.
"Don't call me love, this shows me that you do not love me! It's over!" She screamed at him and stormed past them to find a police man. Myrtle fell to the ground, fainted. Patrick, shocked, picked her up and carried her inside.

Ralph saw Patrick carrying his sister and ran to him. "What happened?" He looked at her face and saw her already blackening eye and knew exactly what happened, "Ginny." Patrick nodded and followed Ralph upstairs to their room. They lay Myrtle on the bed and waited for her to come around. Confused, Patrick said, "How did you know it was Ginny?" 
"She always hurts my sister. For going near you she hurts her. When you gave her the shoes, she had broken bones... Sorry she wasn't the person you thought she was." 
Patrick shook his head, "She was always so innocent, I thought she would never hurt a fly... I was wrong." His face darkened and they silenced. 

"Excuse me," Ginny called after a police man. The police man turned around and strutted over to Ginny. "Yes miss, how can I help you?" 
"I live in the orphanage, Saint Mary's Orphanage sir, the owner, Rachel, is dead..." The police man's eyes widened and nodded. "Follow me sir." They briskly walked to the orphanage. 

Everyone was gathered in the entrance hall when Ginny and the police man walked in, scared. "Children," the police man said, "I'm here to investigate the death of your..." He turned to Ginny and whispered," What's her name?"
"Rachel." She replied. 
The police man nodded and said to the children, "Rachel, your dear Rachel is dead. I need you all to go to your rooms." The children obeyed and shuffled upstairs. Ginny began filing up with everyone else but the police man stopped her and dragged her back, "I need your help, tell me everything you know about her and show me the body." Ginny nodded and directed him to the kitchen. The police man looked up and whistled, he was sure it was suicide. "My dear girl, I'm very sorry, tell me about Rachel," he questioned.
"My name is Ginny by the way," she smiled, "She was kind but quite strict but never showed any sadness... To us anyway. She had a boyfriend named Oscar who was quite violent with her, she had scars and bruises to prove it. She always tried to conceal the injuries from us but I was her favourite so I was told how bad she was treated." 
"Thank you Ginny, you are being very helpful. Suicide is looking more accurate now." He smiled at her.
"I try and be as helpful as I can sir," she said sweetly. 
"Jim, I'm Jim." Ginny grinned and skipped out the room. "Wait," Jim called after her, he walked slowly to her and kissed her cheek. She blushed and walked out the room. "I will be back Ginny!" He said following her out.
"Goody." She winked. Jim watched he as she skipped upstairs, sighing. When she was out of sight he sighed and walked out the orphanage to find some assistance on the case. 

Myrtle slowly opened her eyes to see Patrick over her. Her eye ached. "Ralph. She's awake." Ralph ran to her and kissed her cheeks, "You okay?" Myrtle nodded. "Patrick's been waiting for you to come round." 
"Thank you." She said hoarsely, "Can I get some water please?" Ralph nodded and went out the door, leaving her and Patrick. She pushed herself up to a sitting position with much struggle. Patrick sat on the edge of her bed smiling at her, not knowing what to say. Myrtle looked at him with sad eyes. "What? Are you okay?" 
"Yes. Are you?" She was worried for him, him and Ginny had been together for ages and it ended so abruptly. He looked down and the smile faded from his face. Patrick sighed, "Ish, I guess. I was just so surprised at Ginny..." 
Myrtle lifted his head and looked in his eyes, "She has always been like that, always. I'm so sorry, you will find someone, someone better." He nodded and they sat for moments, looking into each others eyes. They are interrupted by Ralph, he was carrying a large cup of water. Myrtle reached out for the water and dank it in one. Addressing both boys, "Thank you for your help, both of you." She beckoned her brother closer and kissed his cheeks. 

Patrick couldn't wait any longer, he had to ask her. He cleared his throat, "Myrtle," she turned to him, "I need you to do something for me, it's very important."
"Yes? What is it?" 
"Well... It's dangerous... I need you to... rob some dukes and a duchesses. Please?" He scrunched up his eyes, awaiting a reply.
"Umm... I guess I could, maybe. Will it give me any income? Could it endanger my brother?" 
Shocked, Patrick's eyes opened, he frowned at her and replied, "I can't promise anything. Please, I beg you, if you don't do this I'm ruined, my employee is cruel." He knelt on the floor, "I beg you." Myrtle looked at Ralph who nodded at her. She needed a job, an income, a place to stay. Since Rachel had died, they knew the orphanage would close; the majority of the children would end up in workhouses and Myrtle didn't want her or her brother to end up in one. "I will do it." She finally said. Patrick jumped up, excited, he kissed her many times and skipped around the room. Myrtle blushed. "Can me and Ralph stay with you?" 
"Of course!" Patrick grinned. 

Everyone sat in their rooms, gossiping. Ginny sat on Emma's bed talking about 'her' Jim. "He sounds dreamy," Emma sighed. Winnie rolled her eyes. "He isn't that great but when I need a man I find one," replied Ginny. There was a knock on the door. Winnie opened it, it was Ralph, Myrtle and Patrick. Winnie tapped Emma's shoulder, she turned and gasped, "You!" Exclaimed Ginny. 
"Yes it's us, and we wanted to say goodbye," said Patrick.
"We?" Asked Ginny, confused.
"I'm taking these two with me," he grimaced. Ginny had expected him to be upset about their relationship being over but it seemed they both moved on quickly. She got up and slammed the door in their faces. Giggling, the three went back to Myrtle and Ralph's room to collect their clothes. 

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