Not Exacly 'True' Love

My name is Aria. Im a BIG famous actor, well in America. I recently moved to London a few weeks ago. Since im a famous actor in America, im not that known in the UK, so management set me up to 'date' a guy from a famous boy band, thast from UK. We're not actually gonna date, just make everyone think that we are. Management thinks that if i date someone well known in the UK, it'll get my movies around. I dont really like this idea, considering im gonna have be 'dating' a guy who's WAY to full of himself, and sleeps with every girl. I just cant stand him. He knows i dont like him. Since he knows, he tries harder and harder to get me to like him... The sad part is.. I think its working...


2. Off To London

Aria's Pov:


"Okay, well how about you ride with Harry, that okay.?" Liam asked. I really didnt want to, but what was I gonna say. "Sure..." i tell him. I look at Harry, and he gave me a smile. "Well, lets go! IM HUNGRYYY!" Niall shouted. I laughed, and so did the other guys. We all walked out the door, and Harry directed me to his car. I sighed and got in. Maybe i'll just try to ignore him. Yeah, ill do that. He got in too, and started driving, "So, you like it in London so far?" He asked. "Uh, yeah. Its nice." I told him. "Yeah, is it different from America?" He asked. This ignoring thing is gonna be harder than i thought. "Yeah, i guess." I told him. "Okay, so-" He said but i cut him off. "Are we almost there?" I asked interrupting him, looking out the window. He looked at me and sighed. "Yeah.." He said. I feel kind of bad for being so rude, he was just trying to be nice. Whatever. We finally get there, and so did the other guys. We get inside and get a table. We sat there in an awkward silince for a bit, untill Liam broke the silence by saying "So tell us about yourself, Aria." I told them all about my life, and they told me about theirs, I never really knew anything about them, i mean i heard about One Direction, but i never really looked into them. We talked for hours, and they were really cool. Louis is really funny, Niall is always hungry, Zayn is the 'bad boy', Liam is the mature one, and Harry, well i couldnt really concentrate on him. I still cant stand him for some reason. I know that sounds mean, but you dont understand. We finally decided to leave and I went over to Harry's car. We didnt talk for awhile, we just listened to the radio. Untill he turned it off and looked at me for a second. "Im guessing you dont like this whole idea of 'dating' me, huh?" He asked. "Well, not exactly.." I told him. "And im guessing you dont like me, either." He asked. He looked at me with his big sad eyes, for a quick second than back to the road.I didnt know what to say. "Well, I just heard so much about you,, and.. I dont know. I mean you'd be a good friend." I told him probably sounding so stupid. "Really, you're gonna believe everything you hear?" He said kind of getting angry. "Why should you even care what i think about you? Come on, we're already 'dating'." I told him. We only knew each other for a day, why does he care so much. He sighed. "Just nevermind. Forget about it." He said. We got back to there house, and we were the last to get there. They were all out there waiting by their cars. We got out and they all walk over. "What took you guys so long?" Louis asked grinning. "Traffic." Harry told him, looking away. "So, Aria. Wanna stay for a little bit?"  Liam asked.  "Uh, i would, but its getting late. I should get going." I told him. They nodded. "okay, well it was nice meeting you guys." I said waving and smiling. I quickly looked at Harry, he still looked upset. And i still dont understand why.. I got in my car and drove back to my house. It was only about 15 minutes away. I got home and i was about 9:30. Surprisingly i was already tired. I took about a 15 minute shower, and went to bed. ~Sleeping~   I woke up the next morning at about 10:15. slept in a little too long. I got up and checked my phone. '1 New Message From Rachel - Hey, we still hanging today?" ..Rachel was my best friend, and she also moved to London. "Uh, yah. Does noon sound good?" I replied. She quickly replied. "Yeah, sounds perfeccttttt! Ill pick you up, than." She said. I walk over to my closet and look through my clothes. I picked out a pear of white shorts, and a light blue cami that say 'PINK' on it. I put on some some black sandals.I kept my hair straighten, and applied a little bit of make-up. I grab my over the shoulder white bag and go downstairs. I ate some breakfast, and it was now 10:55. I put my dishes away and hear a knock on the door. I think its Rachel. But why wouldn she come an hour later. I open and it's Harry...? "Hey, what're you doing here?" I asked. "Um, we were supposed to make this 'realationship'  public today, member?" He said. "Uh, shit! im so sorry i forgot." I told him. "Here, come in. I just have to call my friend real quick, kay?" I asked. I felt bad cause i forgot. I quickly called Rachel, and asked for a rein check. She agreed, and i hung up. "Sorry." I told him. "Its fine. Nice place, by the way." He said. "Thanks! and, um, what're we doing to make this public? Should i change to something.. more fancier, or something?" I asked him. "No, we just have to like walk around. I could show you around London, if you'd like?" He asked with a grin. "Sure" I told him. With that we left. Off to London... with 'him'

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