The End Is Only The Beggining

(Second Book from Half Of Me) It this world, you are born with a unique necklace. On the necklace, there is a charm that is half. The other half belongs to your future soulmate. Beatrice is a 17 year old girl who was born without a charm. Only one other person in this world does not have one, Herbert. And without the charm, it will be twice as hard to find him.


1. About Beatrice

                                                                      Hi, I'm Beatrice. 

                                                 I'm not  the prettiest flower in the bunch...      

                                     I Am 17, and my two best friends are Shannon, and Morgan

                                                 Unlike others, I was born without a charm.

                             Only me, and one other person on this planet were born without a charm.

                                                         His name was said to be Herbert.

                                                                     I must find him

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