♡ Electra Heart ♡

→ Boys they like the look of danger;
We'll get him falling for a stranger, a player;
Singing I lo-lo-love you;
At least I think I do! ❜❜


1. ♡ Red Lippy ♡

The mark of the devil is red lipstick.

My mother told me this when I was around about nine years old, reaching the age of ten. When I reckon I was reaching manhood, well, when I reckoned I wanted to be reaching manhood, anyways. It was a ripened age, when I began to become aware of the presence of women in my life. Other than my mother that is. She sat me down, her knitting needles clicking and nattering as she multitasked (the mark of a perfect woman in my Papa’s eyes), and began to install her plentiful and complex views and values into my pea sized brain. She recited seriously that the devil wouldn’t come all sneaky, looking like a child catcher. Oh no, the devil doesn’t work that way, never has done mind. She said that the devil would stroke my face gently, leave the smell of Miss Dior lingering in the air after she pulled away from a chaste kiss, an innocent peck on the cheek that would leave me begging for more. The devil would be enticing, sweet, captivating. And my Dad laughed, and my older brother, Benny, turned to me, grinning and rolling his eyes. “Old wives tales are told by old wives,” he’d quip later, in other words, telling me to pay no mind.

Surprisingly, my mother was right.

The devil did indeed wear red lipstick. Bright red, probably something made by Rimmel, something that she’d beg me to buy, and I’d mindlessly comply. She was indeed the devil, my personal nightmare that snuck out of Hell way past her curfew to manipulate every particle of my body her perfectly manicured nails would touch.

My mother warned me about the lipstick, but she failed to mention the heart, as small as an insignificant beauty spot, a little speckle dotted on her cheek. I love it, even though it’s dangerous, I’ve always loved it. From the moment she winked at me, across the dinner hall, the moment my jaw dropped well... I was always a gonner.  


My devil goes by this name, and you'll remember it whether you intend to or not, she's called: Electra Heart.


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