Claire Ellis looks like a normal teen but she's not. She's a fire elemental. Meaning that she can control fire. Everything goes well when a new student enters her school. Turns out , he's an elemental too. But , he's the opposite element. Water.


3. School

I woke up to the loud ringing of my alarm. I groaned and sat up. I turned the alarm off and stood up. I took a shower and picked out my clothes. I took my denim shorts and floral top from my closet and put them on. I strapped on my brown sandals then I brushed my long red hair and styled it into a braid. I strapped my watch on my wrist. I grabbed my phone from it's charger and put it in the front pouch of my backpack. I slung my backpack on my shoulder and went downstairs and to the kitchen. "Good morning Claire. How did you sleep?" my mum asked as she sat down at the table beside me and my brothers. "I slept well." I said. I grabbed a piece of toast and took a huge bite from it. My mother looked at me in disgust. I grinned. I looked at my watch and noticed I was going to be late. I got up from my chair , wiped the crumbs off my mouth and gave my mum a kiss on the cheek. "Bye mum!" I said , waving. I heard my brothers follow. I walked out of the door and towards the car. I got in the front passenger's seat. I took my white iPhone from the front pouch of my bag and played my playlist. I put on my earphones and hummed along to the songs. I felt someone tapping on the window of the car door. I looked up and saw Jonah standing. I rolled the window down and looked at him. "What?" I asked. "Get out of my seat." he said. "Your name isn't written on it." I said then stuck my tongue out at him and rolled the windows back up. I saw him roll his eyes before walking to the back seat. I smiled to myself then put the earphones back on. Troy sat in the driver's seat then he started driving. We reached school in ten minutes. I got out of the car , so did Troy and Jonah. I went inside and rushed over to my locker. Sydney, Thea and Allison were chatting by my locker. "Make way for the queen!" I announced to them , laughing and walked like a model. "What's so important that you started a meeting at my locker?" I asked , leaning on my locker. "Well ," Allison started but she was cut off by the bell. "Tell me later at lunch. Bye." I said , rushing to get my books from my locker. I waved goodbye as I walked towards my class. They waved back. I suddenly fell on the floor , dropping all my books. "I'm sorry!" a boy apologised. I started picking my books up. I saw him kneel beside me and help. He gave the books to me. I smiled at him. "I'm Louis." he said , smiling at me slightly. "Claire." I said simply.I gave him another brief smile and without giving him another look , I walked away , rushing to my first class , Math.

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