Claire Ellis looks like a normal teen but she's not. She's a fire elemental. Meaning that she can control fire. Everything goes well when a new student enters her school. Turns out , he's an elemental too. But , he's the opposite element. Water.


1. Prologue

"We can't work this out. It's impossible. We're opposites. Our families will forbid us from seeing each other once they find out."

"Calm down Claire. We'll work this out. Trust me. Opposites attract , remember? We'll prove them wrong."



So guys , I'm going to write this with my best friend! sidzhoran! I really hope people will support this movella because Sidney and I are going to do the best that we can to make this movella the best it can possibly be. Please send us feedback so that we know if we're doing as we promised. We might also take some requests you give us. Once again , we hope that you will support me and Sidney all the way. Thanks. - Sam xx

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