When he becomes your hero ..

Juliet is a 15 year old girl who lives in london. Her name ? Tomlinson. Yeah like louis tomlinson who is actually her big bro'
Juliet is doesn't speak since her mother died and since her dad started to abuse her 10 years ago.
Will louis mange to make her speak again ? Will she end up falling for one of the boys ?
Just find out here :)

Ps: sorry if the are any mistakes because i am half french half english so i haven't got an excellent grammar ... Sorry :/

Hope you'll like the story anyway


1. Just in hell

First chapter to When he becomes your hero ! thanks for reading and leave a lik cause i will only uptade as soon as i have a few likes :) just to remind you that my english isn't perfect so don't be a meany please :)




i was woken up by my dad... yes that bastard that is called my dad .. Since my mother died ten years ago, when i was only five he beats the hell out of me. I have an older brother, louis . Yes louis tomlinson the singer of one direction.

So, i was saying that i got woken up by my dad. He grab my hair and pushed me on the floor, he was drunk... again ... since louis went off to be a singer, the beating has got a lot worse, it's like if he was punishing me because louis has gone of to live his dream.

Louis has been in the band for a year now. It's also been a year since he hasn't contacted me...


So, my dad started to kick me in the ribs and on the face.. It ad never been this bad ... he then grabed a rope and tied my hands to the bed . i started to panick and he must of noticed because he attached my feet to he put a piece of celiotape on my mouth and undressed me.. I started to wiggle and try and get loose but he would just hit me even more. At one point he hit me so hard that i heard a big crack on my ribs ... the pain was awful and my breathing got harder ... he started to  undress his self. At this point i was in my underware, so was he...



Hey :) so that was just a first chapter, a bit short but i will make them bigger as i get more reviews :)

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