hi guys my first ever fanfic so no hate or anything and hope you like it=)


2. chapter 2



       Sophia's P.O.V

   me and kyla went closer, kyla  was  freaking out ,she freak out more when harry went to great us kyla like's harry she even said one day she will marry harry and her name will be kyla styles.....harry introduce his self and we did too then harry wink at kyla,kyla was blushing so hard she was red as a tomato i was keeping my laugh then i was done keeping it harry why are you guys here? i ask well we want to go back to school because we have two years break so that our fans will miss us he said ohhh! that was my only answer i looked at kyla she was still blushing i don't know why?...... me and kyla went to our classes then i saw our new classmate he had blonde hair he entered the room and then i saw him it was Niall Horan there was a spare sit on my left then our adviser said that he can sit by my side then niall sat beside me after 30 minutes niall gave me a note i opened it what's you're name beautiful i wrote down my name then gave it back to him then he wrote something then gave it back to me when i opened it there was a number his phone number was there then he gave me another note saying can i have your number? i gave him my phone number, i can't believe that im giving my phone that easy when i actually don't even know him that well....... it was lunch time when i enter the cafeteria i saw kyla already making out with harry in corner i can't believe this two already making out i went to them then i said no making out until im here! then they look at me you kill joy just go there and make out with niall he really like's you that's why he was flirting with you harry said then continue there make out session i went over to niall and ask niall can i sit with you or you already reserved it? yes i already reserved it he said ohhh well find somewhere else i said hey it's reserved for you he said then i went and sit next to him while we were eating he was telling me some jokes and i was laughing he i really sweet and cute i think im inlove with him


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