hi guys my first ever fanfic so no hate or anything and hope you like it=)


1. chapter 1

      hi my name is Sophia Woods but my friends call ia or soph i have light brown hiar a bit wavy,i have dark brown eyes it's almost black and that's all now let's go to the story 


 sophia's P.O.V


I woke in the sound of my alarm i groan while i turn it of...i went to take a shower  then brush my teeth then tie my hair in a messy bun i wore a plain white t-shirt with a hood,and some skinny jeans,then went down stairs and  i saw mom talking with her phone on her ear maybe with micheal her new husband  and well we became rich because of him he's gone for three months because he went to a business trip then my mom saw and said goodbye to dad i call him dad because he wanted me to treat him like my own dad i kiss my mom goodbye and went to school then i saw my best friend Kyla she smiled when she saw me.she hug me and we went to school when we reach the school many girls we're screaming then we came closer we the one and only one direction




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