For You

About a lover's agony

1. For You

                  All  the oceans in  the world can not 

                  hold the tears  I have shed for you

                  The longest distance looks like an inch

                  of the miles I walked in search of you


                  Gods and angels on earth and in 

                  heaven  carry empty golden sacks as 

                  they are left with no more to give

                  as all their blessings I sought for you


                   The gardens in the world are empty

                   as all the flowers are gathered for you

                    moon and sun have lost luster as I 

                   begged them to give their shine  for you


                   Will you ever come back to be with me ?

                   as I am without you a desert without oasis

                   an evergreen tree without leaves and branches

                   and a fish without gill struggling in Loveless lake





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