A Life With One Direction

17 year old girl name Lizzy living on her own. As her mother goes on her business leave her behind knowing that her mother won't come back. Mean while her life changes when five boys Kidnapped her. What she didn't know that they are the biggest boy band in the world. Not to mention the boys got attach to Lizzy and ask her to tag along and experience the adventure the will have along the way. What they don't know that Lizzy's father found her and want her back but she doesn't. Along the way, Lizzy start to have passion on acting and a singing. Will Lizzy tag along and stay with the boys, will her dad take her back, or will she try to pursuit her dreams on being a actor and a singer? Read and find out. ;)


7. Chapter 6

Bloody hell why are these girls chaseing me. Oh thats right. I'M WITH THESE JERK FACR 

ONE DIRECTION!!! I was running for my life very tired. No wonder Mr.Jones fail me in his class. Jerk. I'm not in a good shape. 


"Go on without me. They are chasIng you not me." I said panting sooooo dramaticly. Zayn stop right away and look at me. 


"Oi, Lizzy we don't have time for your dramatic weirdness." He said putting me on his shoulders. Whoa he so strong. He started running for his which his shoulders are not comfortable. 


I look up and see girls coming closer. I slap Zayn's bum and yell,"Run faster they are getting closer." I hope i dont die. I seen how fans are like. It's no fun. I was still hanging on Zayn's shoulders... now I'm praying he doesn't fart while runny. "Zayn if you fart i will murder you." I said. I could tell he was smirking. That jerk face. 


"Ohh don't worry no promises." He said slap my bum. He's dead.


"You did not just touch my bum." I glare and he started to laugh. Now theres two people i would prank. "Over there!" I yell point to Macy's. He in the store and hide i don't know where. Ohh wait, i know where. "Why in a bloddy boys bathroom!" I yell at him. All he did is shrug. I swear... I will kill him.


"Well you if don't want to be in here then go and get kill." 


"Are you stupid? I'm not fanous so they won't kill me sooooo haha." I pull my tongue out. 


"Fine lets go." He said grabbing my hand and got out. We saw some girls coming closer. Zayn push me to the wall making me gasp. 


"What that hel-" he cover my mouth and lean closer to me. I'm not going to lie i was burning up. He look at me straight in my eyes making me blush even more if thats possible. I was still frozen in my spot and Zayn never left his. "Z-Zayn." I mumbled in his hand. 


"Don't worry i'm not going to kiss you. Just stay put and they would go away." He whisper. I quickly nod still blushing.  Stupid pale skin. I look to the side and see the girl walk away. Zayn let go and we both sigh in relieve. "Ok that was was close." He said smirking at me. He notice that i was still blushing a little. I glare at him giving him the 'Never speak of it' look. "Let's go find the rest of the lads and head home." He said and we started walking in quiet.










"HOME SWEET HOME." I said hugging the wall. They look at me weird. "What i almost die cause of your fans." I said. "And im hungry. " i added whine.


"Lets go to nandos." Naill said. I gave a What the fuck look.


"Whats Nando's?" I question and he gasp in horror.  Ok am i missing something.  


"We got to take you. TO NANDOS!!!!" He yell.





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