A Life With One Direction

17 year old girl name Lizzy living on her own. As her mother goes on her business leave her behind knowing that her mother won't come back. Mean while her life changes when five boys Kidnapped her. What she didn't know that they are the biggest boy band in the world. Not to mention the boys got attach to Lizzy and ask her to tag along and experience the adventure the will have along the way. What they don't know that Lizzy's father found her and want her back but she doesn't. Along the way, Lizzy start to have passion on acting and a singing. Will Lizzy tag along and stay with the boys, will her dad take her back, or will she try to pursuit her dreams on being a actor and a singer? Read and find out. ;)


5. Chapter 4

I woke in a unfamiliar room and this time it's not sandy's room or mine. Where the hell am I? I'm not dead, am I? No.... Hope not. All of a sudden the door open slowly. I'M GOING TO DIE!!!! I right away ran to the closet and hide there. I heard footsteps coming in the room. Haaa. They can't find me now suckers. 


"She's gone?" Someone said. He sounded so familiar, I just can't put my finger  to it. Eww... Now I'm thinking wrong. Hehehe silly me. 


"She's maybe hiding we just have to look." I think that's the curly dude that stole my Oreos. Oh no, I need to sneeze. Ok, I need to hole my nose. 


"Ahhchuu." To late. 


"Someone is in the closet." Someone said. They open the door and I look at Louis and Harry.


"Well hello butt-face. How nice to see you." I said.


"Lizzy." Harry try to grab me but I right away dodge him and started running away from them. I started screaming when I felt someone grab me by the wrist.


"Rape!!! Someone, help me!"


"Lizzy, calm down. We are not going to hurt you." 


"You butt heads just Kidnapped me... AGAIN!"


"Lizzy, there's a reason why we did."


"Then I'm listening Louis! Why the Fu-"


"Liz." Harry warn me. Ok this boy is going to get hurt. I don't like him one bit. I need to prank him later when he's asleep but I would need help.


"We wanted you to live us because we don't want you to be by yourself." 


"What? What?... What? Ok, why would want me to live with you. I could handle myself." I tell them. I feel like crying. I would love to stay but I don't want any of there pity but I don't have no where to go. *Sigh* I guess I'll stay. "Fine, I'l stay." 


"Cool beans." Niall said coming in the room. "We are taking you out." 


"Out?" They all look me and smile. 




Oh god

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