A Life With One Direction

17 year old girl name Lizzy living on her own. As her mother goes on her business leave her behind knowing that her mother won't come back. Mean while her life changes when five boys Kidnapped her. What she didn't know that they are the biggest boy band in the world. Not to mention the boys got attach to Lizzy and ask her to tag along and experience the adventure the will have along the way. What they don't know that Lizzy's father found her and want her back but she doesn't. Along the way, Lizzy start to have passion on acting and a singing. Will Lizzy tag along and stay with the boys, will her dad take her back, or will she try to pursuit her dreams on being a actor and a singer? Read and find out. ;)


24. Chapter 21

Lizzy's POV



"What does it take to make you stay with us." That was Carlos. You know... from Big Time Rush? They decided to tag along to say goodbye but they have other ideas. You see, since I want to see my boys. They think I should tag along with them on the tour. Which I didn't want to. Now they are trying to convince me.



"I'm sorry boys but I have to go see the guys before they call me and me accepting the part and I would like to tell them as well. I don't want them to find out on their own." I said grabbing my bag from James which he was nice enough to help me. Even though I had it cover. They call for my plane for the last time, "Well I guess this is goodbye. I'll see you guys soon." I hug all four of them and then walk away from them.










Finally!! Sweet Sweet ground and I am very hungry. That's one of the things I always wonder why am I a human. No one will ever know. Any who... I walk to pick up my bags. I turn and see a big banner with my name on it and a picture on the side. I face palm. These boys are a death of me. How I know? Well... I'm here in Texas to be with my boys and here they are all happy to see me. I smile.



"Hey Lizzy, Welcome back!!" They yell running to me and attack me to the ground.



"Hey guys, I miss you all too but I can't breath." I said pushing them off of me and then get up on my feet. "Now what's the plan for today, lads?" I ask as they helped me with my bags and we walk out of the airport and look at that there fans are here.



"We are going out to dinner first and then after that we have a concert to do." Harry said.



"Cool." Was all I said. As we got into the car. I sat between Liam and Zayn... once again but this time I lay my head on Liam's shoulders.The ride was really long and my eyes was getting really heavy.



"Go to sleep, love. I'll wake you up when we get there." Liam whisper in my ear. I smile and nod in agreement. I close my eyes and fell in deep sleep.




YEAH!! A little short but it's done.

Until next time


--- Heidi :) Xx

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