A Life With One Direction

17 year old girl name Lizzy living on her own. As her mother goes on her business leave her behind knowing that her mother won't come back. Mean while her life changes when five boys Kidnapped her. What she didn't know that they are the biggest boy band in the world. Not to mention the boys got attach to Lizzy and ask her to tag along and experience the adventure the will have along the way. What they don't know that Lizzy's father found her and want her back but she doesn't. Along the way, Lizzy start to have passion on acting and a singing. Will Lizzy tag along and stay with the boys, will her dad take her back, or will she try to pursuit her dreams on being a actor and a singer? Read and find out. ;)


23. Chapter 20


Lizzy's POV



Day 1


I made it to California as I don't fancy planes at all. Ellen got me a limo driver which was really cool. I got in the back but jump when I see people in the other side of the limo. Not just people.... boys and there four of them. "Hello... not to be mean and all but... who the hell are you." I said pointing at the four boys. I swear if these guys are a group I will scream. I just got to California and I'm starting to miss my boys. I shook my head. No... I'm not going to talk about them. 


"We are Big Time Rush." The guy with the blonde said. Well... Nice knowing myself. 


"Well there's no point in living now." I said as I was about to open the limo door as it's still moving.


"Whoa whoa whoa whoa..."  The tan guy said grabbing by my waist pulling my back. "Don't try and kill yourself."


"Watch me." I try doing it again but he grab me once again and he put me far away from the door. Dam you tan person. "Don't even know you guys. Why are you guys in my limo?" I ask.


"Ellen to come and meet you." The blonde one said. I gape at them. "Ellen told us a lot about you, Lizzy. She said you were coming here."


"And it includes you why....? Wait what is your guys names?"


"My name is Kendall, the one that pull you away is Carlos, the on next to me is Logan, and next to logan is James." I wave at them. 


"I'm Lizzy. I live with One Dorktion."


"You mean Direction?"


"No it's Dorktion." They look at me wired. "It's a long story." We finally made it to Ellen's house. We all Pile out of the limo. Ellen came out to the front door.


"Welcome all of you." She gave us a hug. "How was your flight."


"I still hate it." I said. She chuckle shaking her head. "Why were they in the limo with me?" I ask pointing at the four boys.


"I wanted you to see them before they leave." I frown. "I'll be interviewing them."


"Cool beans!! But what does it have to do with me?"


"I told you."


"Well... I didn't get it."


"So you can hang with them." I groan.


"I had enough dorks to deal with."





I got settle down in Ellen's. She left to do her show leaving me with her wife. I got bored that I went in my guess room and got on my laptop. I Email all and I mean all the boys and see who would message me first. Oh look Harry is the first. I told them that I would be on Skype and gave them my user. I waited for them to call and it was in seconds that they call me.


"Lizzy!!!" They say at the same time. Creepy.


"What sup my bitches." I said but started to laugh. Bad word I know but... Meh. Get use to it.


"Lizzy are you okay?" And I thought Liam is worse and I'm not even talking to him.


"Yes, Father. I am ok."  I made a face which they look at me weird. "I'm at Ellen's house while she's away and I'm with her wife. I got bored so I decided to Skype you dorks." I said. Yeah, that's right. Ever since I left and Ellen introduce me to Big Time Rush. It made me want to go back with my boys. Which I'm not... for awhile. "Next Monday. Where will you guys be?" I ask.


"In Texas, why?"


"I'll be back then."  I said.


"Really?" Zayn said. I face palm.


"Well duhh of course I'll be back." I check the time and it was close to four. I grab the control and turn on the TV. We were arguing on who makes the best duck face... yeah.... blame Harry. He brought it up. As I was talking to the boys. Ellen is finally on. I talk to my boys while watching Ellen. "Boys..." They look at me. "Do you guys know Big Time Rush?"


"Yeah, They are awesome lads. We were their opening act back when we started." Louis said. "Why you ask?"


"No reason. I met them." I look up and There they are in the screen. "Shhhhhh Shhh!!" I turn up the TV. the boys shuts up and listen as well.



((A/N: Okay so I did seen this but... I'm going to change everything including them not having a show. They just became a group but announce that they are GOING to make a kids show. Soooooo.... Yeah, I hope it's not to confusing. Well... back to the story.))



"It's Good to have you guys. Your first time on the show and most importantly... you guys have been such an inspiration to other people. How's it feel to be big all around the world?" Ellen ask the boys.


"It's great actually. We love our fans and what they have done for us in the past years." Kendall said.


"I heard you have an announcement to tell us?" Ellen said. The boy wait a listen and stare at me as I was trying to listen as well. 


"Yes we do and I'm pretty sure some of our fans knows. We are going to have our very own show on nickelodeon. We don't know the when will be on air but we are just starting. It will be fun." My eyes widen and new show? On nickelodeon? But there so old...


"Hey guys? How come you guys don't do a show to?" I ask my boys. They look at me confuse. "Come on you guys. You all act like-" I cut myself off just see a picture of me on her screen. "I'm on TV again!!" I scream turning up the TV. 


"Introduce you to this girl Lizzy. She seem like a great person to be in your show. You should ask her to be in it." NOOOOO!!!! Why is she telling them that!! I look at the boys and their eyes are widen.



"Lizzy... what is she talking about?" 


"Well look at the time. I must be off and do something." I said as I was about to log out but the were shouting my name. "What!?" They didn't say anything but four-fifth of them left and guess you stayed. To your surprise... it's Liam. "Well... I'm leaving." I was about to turn it off.


"Wait Liz... can we please talk about this?"


"There's nothing to talk about. You don't want to talk to me then fine. Bye Felisha." Once again I was trying to turn off Skype. 


"Lizzy, I'm sorry I shouldn't have gotten mad at you. I'm sorry please don't hate me." Liam said. I sigh. 


"I don't hate you Liam. I was just upset that you gave me the silent treatment when I wasn't the only one that drew on you."


"Yes I know. Niall told me. I'm so sorry I should have known that." 


"Well now you know." I said. We both stayed quiet for a while not saying anything. "So I'll be back on Monday. I just needed time alone." 


"Ok. I miss you, Lizzy. Come back soon, ok bud?" He said. I look at him weird. 


"Never call me that. That was to weird like really." He starts to laugh. Jerk. We continue to talk about random stuff. I told him how I use to live in Ireland until I moved in London. I was born in the UK but I don't know which part in the UK. I don't know much about me past except some I have already know because of my nightmare. "Liam, you believe in alien?" I said. Hey, it's a random question. Like come on who doesn't believe in alien! "Well I have to go, Li. I will see you soon. I think Ellen is back. " As I expected. Ellen  came in and look those Big Time Rush guys are here as well too. Great.


"Okay, I'll talk to you soon." 


"Bye!" I shut off the the computer and look at them. "Hey guys. I saw the interview."


"Really? " I nod.


"I can't wait for wait for your show. I'm going to watching."


"You're going to do more than watching." Ellen said. I narrow my eyes at her.


"What do you mean."


"You're going to be in the show with us." James said and the boys cheer. My eyes widen. What?!?! I didn't know what to say. I was to shock to speak. Me? Acting?! In there show? WHAT?!?! 




Day 4



I sat next to Ellen as I was shaking really bad all nervously. What should I do? What do I say? Will the boys think it will be a bad idea. I DON'T KNOW!! Why me? WHY!? I'm being so dramatic about this. I don't even know how to act. I don't eve want to act. I'M NOT AN ACTOR FOR GOD SAKES! I took out my phone and go on twitter seeing the boy's fans are going crazy about something. I click on the one of them and hashtags that they have #PleaseDon'tGo1D. I'm kinda confuse what's going on. I see girls going crazy that they are splitting up. Ptts... Noooooooo... WAIT WHAT!!! Really!! My eyes widen looking through everything and everyone is going crazy about it. 


"I need to use the restroom." Without a response. I ran to the bathroom. Slamming the stall door. I took out my phone and dial who ever I find. HARRY! As what I have him in 'Curly hair dude that steals my food'. Yeah... not a good name but all that is true. It rang twice and he answer. 




"Harrehh, hows my perverted friend?" I said all happily.


"Lizzy... what you been up to?" He ask. I froze. I am not going to tell them what they are forcing me to do. Nope. They would be freaking if they find out.


"You know... since it's Saturday... spending time with Ellen."

"Are okay? You seem so nervous about something." He said sounding so concern. Yeah, I am nervous. About them and what I'm about to do. 


"I'm fine. Is everything okay over there?" I ask. 


"Of course. We just miss you."


"So you guys are not breaking up?"


"Where did hear that from?" He ask confuse. It's a rumor. IT'S NOT REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. I sigh of relief. Okay, I will live now that my dorks are not breaking.


"Twitter, but since it's not even true then I won't be dead!" I said all happily. "I gotta go. I'll Skype you guys late. Bye!!" Without hearing a reply, I hang up. I head back to sit next Ellen when they call my name. I went in and sat down. "I'm here to audition for the show Big Time Rush." I don't know why but I felt hitting the guys for signing me up to audition for this show. I'm not even a good actor. I try in a class that I was recommended but they thought it was funny how I do it. Not funny at all.


"Ahh... Miss. Adam. I heard a lot about you. Please come and get your script. We want you to act out a character. I don't care which one you pick. Just pick and go for it and good luck."  The man said. I smile to him and thank him. I look through the script that's in my hand. Looking to see which character I should act out to. I could act out James. He seems to have a funny character. Kendall is more like a leader and he doesn't like trouble. Can't say nothing about Carlos. He's like Niall and Louis in so reason and Logan is more like Liam. Dam Big Time Rush is like my boys. I decided to be James. I want to make it more dramatic than it is in the scripted. I clear my throat awkwardly since I'm hoping I don't make it.


"This is the first episode." I said as I prepare to talk and so is some people. "I had my pop star dream last night and this time I was my lucky white v-neck and I sang Robinson song." I started to sing which I didn't like at all. I do like to sing don't get me wrong but this is to wired. Now I acted like I didn't know what we were doing as I stop singing. "What are we doing?" I said 'confuse'. A guy spoke that's in the lines and now it was my turn as in the line say 'do you want to help?' . "Yeeeaaahhhh!" I said excited. The rest was really funny. I enjoy all this. I smile very happy as I walk out of the room. Ellen stand up once she saw me.


"How you do?" She ask me. I smile.


"I did pretty good. I fun acting out a character."


"So if they call you and said that you got the part. Would you Accept it?" She ask. I didn't say nothing. They told me that I got talent but they said that they will call in like three or five weeks. I'm kinda nervous to be honest. If I do get the part. I would actually go for it. 


"Yes I would but what about-"


"Ohhh they would be ok. Follow your dreams Lizzy and if you have to leave them to make your dream come true them do it. They will understand." I nod. We out back to her house. I have to still pack. See, I'm going back to the boys early because I miss them. As we got back to Ellen's house. I went to the guess room I'm in and pack up. Someone knock on the door. I turn and see it's one of the BTR boys.


"Hey Kendall." I said awkwardly. 


"Hey, how was the audition?" He ask me. I smile.


"It was great. I acted out James and it was fun."


"Really? They let you do that?" I nod. "Thats cool. Well I hope you make it. It would be fun to work with you." He said. I smile. This guy is such a nice person. 


"Same here. I can't wait. It would be the first show that I'm in." I said a little quiet now since Kendall is a really close. Like face to face close. 


"Well I wish you lots of luck." He said. He leans down which made my eyes widen freaking out. WHAT IS HE DOING?! As he got close, he kiss my right cheek. I felt my face warm up. WHY AM I BLUSHING!!?? As he lean back, he smile at me. "I'll see you late. Tell the boys I said Hii." He said.


"I will, bye." Once he left. I finish packing my stuff. Can't wait to see the boys. My boys. 






Heyyy you ppl!!!! ^___^





We need to talk. I been super busy with school work. I hate it tho but I will Update another one pretty soon. Hope you like this Chap. Not funny but next chapter will. Until next time.





---- Heidi <3 :)

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