A Life With One Direction

17 year old girl name Lizzy living on her own. As her mother goes on her business leave her behind knowing that her mother won't come back. Mean while her life changes when five boys Kidnapped her. What she didn't know that they are the biggest boy band in the world. Not to mention the boys got attach to Lizzy and ask her to tag along and experience the adventure the will have along the way. What they don't know that Lizzy's father found her and want her back but she doesn't. Along the way, Lizzy start to have passion on acting and a singing. Will Lizzy tag along and stay with the boys, will her dad take her back, or will she try to pursuit her dreams on being a actor and a singer? Read and find out. ;)


21. Chapter 18

Lizzy's POV



Finally, we are in LA but wow... I'm still very sleeping and I didn't want to get up so Niall picked me up... and then it was Louis... then was Liam... then was Harry... and Zayn took me half way and then drop me on the floor. That is not funny. My bum was hurting when we got to the hotel. I lay down on the couch closing my eyes having a peaceful sleep till Liam woken me up. 


"Liz, you have a bed. You can go and sleep." he said and I groan getting up but Liam had better ideas. He pick me up and took me to my room and lay me down on the bed. I now didn't want to go back to sleep nor didn't want to be alone now. 


"Liam wait." I said as he was by the door. "Will stay here... like till I fall asleep." I said. He nod closing the door and walk towards my bed and sat down.


"What's on your mind?" He ask. Should I tell about my father seeing me? Maybe to just stay clear and they will be around more. 


"You know I told that I only living with my mother?" He nod. "Well I saw my dad at the mall when the girls and I were leaving because one, we were late and two, we were chased by your fans." I said. His eyes widen.


"Your dad. I thought he was-"


"I thought to but he's not. I bumped into him and he was about to take me away from the girls but dam your girlfriend and Eleanor are wild. I like them."


"Liz... why didn't you tell us?"


"I didn't want to ruin the excitement I had when I saw the private plan we had." I said looking down.


"Ok... ok. We will talk about this another time but you need rest and so do I so go to sleep. I'll sleep in here with you." And that's what he did. He took off his shoes and went under the covers. 


"Behave little boy." I said. We both were on our sides looking at each other. Liam glare.


"I have a girlfriend Liz."


"That's what all guys say."


"Liz just go to sleep. We have an interview to attend." With that we both stay quiet but I fell asleep long after he did.












The next morning I woke with noises come by my door. I look to my side and Liam was still asleep but What I didn't notice is that his arm is around my wait. Just my luck. I move his arm away and got up to check. I open it and it was Niall


"Niall? What are you doing here?" I ask.


"I was looking for Liam." He said.


"He's in here." I move aside for him to come in. 


"He needs to wake and get ready. This is the first time he's not up."


"Let's wake him up?"


"I smell a plan. What you want to do?" He ask.


"I just want to write on him. Niall, don't be such bully." I said as I went to get one of my bags to look for markers. "Here you go." I found the markers. A blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, green, brown, and black.


"Are they washable?" Niall ask.


"Niall, Niall, Niall, you don't know me very well yet don't you? You see, Niall. When I was in middle school. I would fall asleep in class. They would draw wired stuff on my face." Niall frown. "What? Come on. You want to write on Liam or not?" He noded. I give him for colors and I got four as well. Since Liam is in the middle. We both each wrote on half of his face. "Perfect master piece." I said all proud. "Now lets wake him up." I start poking his cheeks and he started to wake up. 


"What time is it." sleppy Liam said. 


"You need to wake up." I said. He got up and went straight to the bathroom. "Well... I think I should run..." I said once I heard Liam. I ran out of my room and went in a different room. I stop right away and my eye widen. "My eyes." I cover my eyes and ran out but I bump into someone.


"I knew it was you." That was Liam. Great first it was naked Louis and now this. God you must hate me so much to do so. Why are you doing this to me. I back away from him trying to think of a plan. 


"Liam, I like what you did with your face. Is that trending."


"Haha, very funny. " He said so humorous. "Go and get reading Lizzy. I don't have time to deal with you right now." I frown but did as I was told. Well... Jeez don't have to be an ass. I roll my eyes but I shook my head not caring. I went into my suitcase and grab some clothes to change into. I put on my Donald Duck sweater since it was freezing once I got here. Put on my black rip skinny jeans with my purple vans. I was to lazy to do my hair so I tie it up into a lazy bum. I grab my blue beanie and geeky glasses and put them on. I did light make up like always. Grab my bag and head out to the living room. 


"Is everyone ready to leave?" Paul ask as we were all sitting down. We all nod. "Alright lets go." We head out of the suit to the front lobby. There were fans outside which I'm to happy to see them. I chase by them twice give me some break. "Liam stay by Lizzy right side, Niall her left, Zayn and Louis in back of her, and Harry in front of her. We are going to surround you all and be ready." Liam stand right next to me but he wouldn't speak to me.




"Not now, Liz." Liam said. I stay quiet looking down. We started walking out and into the van. I sat between Liam and Zayn. I still felt a little tired so I lay my head on Zayn's shoulder. 


"Are you tired?" Zayn whisper in my ear only I could hear. I nod yawning. "What time you went to sleep?" 


"Late. I couldn't sleep." 


"Is there a reason why?"


"Nightmare." I lie. I really don't want to talk about my father at the moment. I have a feeling he's not going to stop till he gets me which I don't want that to happen. Liam is the only one that know but now I'm having second thoughts in letting him in. I thought I could trust him. Well... I thought wrong. 








"So you have a 17 year old girl living with you. She goes everywhere with you guys. How do you know her?" Oh no. I knew someone was going to ask sooner or later. 


"I mum is great friends with her mum. Her mum went on a business trip. She never heard of us so my mother call me to take here of her hands to let her experience the world. I agree to it and here we are. She is a great person and very funny. She like to prank us a lot. We love having her with us. She give us a great vibe that we never felt before." Harry said hiding the lies.


"That's very sweet." Ellen said with a smile. "How about you guys?"


"She's a very smart girl. Very energetic. She keeps us going like no lie." Liam said. I thought he was made at me. Then she show a picture of me sleeping. 


"Who took that pic?" Ellen said and Louis raise him hand. That butt hole. I will get you.


"She looked so peaceful and so cute. I had to take a picture." 


"Aww how nice. After the break the girl will be here with the boys. We will be right back." Her music started and it was time for break. I stand by and Niall and Harry came to me. 


"Ready?" Niall said. 


"Ready for what?"


"To Ellen." Harry said. 


"Ohh, Yeah... yeah." I said. They told me to wait till she call me and then I would be sitting next to Niall and Louis. Well then I'm going to get my payback. The two left back with the rest of the boys and Ellen and the show starts again. Everyone are clapping.


"We are back with One Direction. Now, whats the name of the girl?" She ask.


"Lizzy. Lizzy Adam." Zayn said.


"Please welcome... Lizzy Adam." One of the guys song. I came out as walk towards the boys and Ellen. I shake Ellen's which the inside I'm very happy. After that I sat between Niall and Louis. "So, Lizzy. I heard so much about you. How old are you?" She ask.


"I'm 17."


"Are you having a great time with the boys?"


"I'm actually am. They are great guys. Very funny. I love being around then." I said.


"That's nice." She brought back the picture of me sleeping. "Louis took this picture and I couldn't help how cute you are."


I giggle, "Yeah..." I say 'stretching' but then hit Louis in the back of the head. "We were in the studio which I was getting really tired that I fell asleep. I didn't knew he took that picture."


"You were so cute. I couldn't help it." Louis said. I glare at him.


"I'll show you cute alright." I said to him.


"You guys must like messing around like that." Ellen said.


"Mostly her." Liam said. Well jeez thanks. I roll my eyes.


"Daddy Direction is trying saw here is that... I like to mess around with these dorks but they like to get payback. Yeah... never going to happen." I said and everyone clap. 










Once the interview was over. We head back to the dressing room. I sat on the couch not saying anything. Someone was knocking on the door and it Ellen. My eyes widen.


"Hello boys. I like to thank you all for coming to my show." She said. She came in and sat next to me. "And you as well, Miss. Adam. I'm amaze of your personality." I smile.


"Thank you Ellen. I love watching your show. I was excited when I heard I was going to see you." She smile. She look at the boys. They were all talking among each other not paying any attention. Ellen turn back to me. 


"You don't look to very happy with them." She said. I frown. What does she mean by that. I look at her confuse and she notice. "I mean like... did you got in a argument with them before coming here? I notice how you smile. It wasn't real."


"It was one." I whisper. I look to the boys. They are still talking. "Liam is mad at me just because I wrote on his face so he's not really speaking to me."


"I'm so sorry."


"Don't be... I'm use to it."


"Well... if anything..." She took out a card. "Call me. You can come to my house and stay the night and if you in another state, I'll book you a plane ticket to come here. Think about it." With that she left. Paul came in right after telling us to be ready to leave I grab my bag and follow them all outside and into the van. Been thinking what Ellen had told me. I really don't want to leave the boys. Yeah, one of them are mad at me at the moment but I have gotten to attach to them. As we made it back to the hotel. I got out of the van first and ran inside, going to the elevator, grab my card key, got to the door, open it, ran to my room of the suit, and closed it. I walk to my bed and sat down thinking some more. Maybe I should text her and agree to it.



Me: Ok, I agree but only if anything happens between me and the boys like a fight or something and if need a break from them because the fight. I will call you.


I sent it and waited for her to reply. An hour later she message me back. She agree and told me to take care. It's not like they are going to hurt me. I know they won't. I fell tired now. Yawning, I lay on my bed pulling the covers up to me. Closing my eye, I fell asleep little bit later with a dreamless sleep.






Heyyy guys!!!! Important talk. 


I have change the title of the story and there a new cover... Well... It's the same it's just with different title. I as well change my description. I will still keep going with this story the way I had it. Next Chap will be short maybe. REMINDER!! It will be a kinda slow update. I have been focusing on my school work since I'll be graduating this year. I'm going to be a bit busy but I WILL TRY my hardest to update.


Well then.... Hope you like this chapter. I know, Its long. First time and it's really late. (1:49 AM. :o)


Until next time



--- Heidi :) <3

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