A Life With One Direction

17 year old girl name Lizzy living on her own. As her mother goes on her business leave her behind knowing that her mother won't come back. Mean while her life changes when five boys Kidnapped her. What she didn't know that they are the biggest boy band in the world. Not to mention the boys got attach to Lizzy and ask her to tag along and experience the adventure the will have along the way. What they don't know that Lizzy's father found her and want her back but she doesn't. Along the way, Lizzy start to have passion on acting and a singing. Will Lizzy tag along and stay with the boys, will her dad take her back, or will she try to pursuit her dreams on being a actor and a singer? Read and find out. ;)


19. Chapter 17

Harry's POV




I was on the computer searching for tickets. Yes, concert tickets for Liz. I remember well that she like Demi 
Lovato and she also has a shirt and poster of her. I think this would be great for her. I took out my credit card and bought us eight tickets. Since I'm pretty sure the want to come as well. They should be here by next week. Hope she would like to go. I close my laptop and got up to go upstairs to see if Lizzy is even in her room. As I got close to her room I hear music and her singing.


'I need to take back the light inside you stole

You're a criminal

And you steal like you're a pro


All the pain and the truth

I wear like a battle wound,

So ashamed, so confused

I was broken and bruised'


I knock because I couldn't take the sadness. The music stop all of a sudden and she open the door. "Hey Harry what sup buddy." She said as she open the door more to let me in her room. I went in and show her Jolly Rancher and she grabbed it right away.


"What have you been up to in here? Don't you want to hang out with us?"  I ask her.


"I just need a little time for myself you know."


"I understand but hey do you want to go to an interview with us?" I ask as of course the interviewer would be asking about her. I keep looking at her seeing that she was thinking. 


"Sure... let me get ready and who are we going to see this time?" She ask me. Never thought of that. We will be flying to the United States and then the next day is the interview.


"Actually Liz, We need you to pack." She look at me confuse on what I said. 


"W-What you mean pack?"


"Oh... no no no no no, Liz. Your getting it all wrong. You see. We are going to the US for an interview. So, we are all packing because we won't be back like in 5 months or so..."


"I don't have that many clothes. If I remember very well... we were chased by your chickens." She mutter the last word making me chuckle a little which made her look at me. 


"Yeah I remember it very well. I can ask Liam's and Louis' Girlfriends to take you? They are in town till we leave so we have lots of time. Ohhh... and you would need a suitcases as well. We have like billion of them."


"Now  your being exaggerating, Harry." She mutter to me. I smirk. "Your scaring me, noodle. What's with the stupid face."


"Do you love me?"


"Whoa, Harry we just met not just long ago. I like you as a friend. Nothing more." I roll my when she said  that.


"I know that but you would like me even more." I said. She look at me confuse. "I got eight tickets to go see Demi Lovato Live." Her eyes went wide of excitement. 


"Really?" I nod. "When, when, when, when, when, when, are we going and who is going?" 


I smile, "Well since we are going to be in the US. She has a concert coming up four week after we come back. I'm not sure who's coming but I know the boys want to come."


"Awesome! I can't wait. Who are we going see now." 


"Ellen." I say and her eyes went wide. She stared to scream and jumping all around. "I'm guessing you like her as well."


"Hell yeah, I love her so much. My mother put channels from the US and I would watch her show everyday" 


"Well Tomorrow is your chance to meet her."


"I know! I can't WAIT!!" She was now happy and I like seeing her like this. "I'm going to start packing now. When are we leave?"


"In like nine hour. Paul is coming to get us." She nod and left to her walk in closet. "So I was wondering Liz. After the landing. We could walk around and see places since you have never seen LA."


"I have seen pictures. Does the count as seeing."




"Then I want to go see LA but I'll be really lazy to getting up and even walk. How long is the flight anyways?"


"Maybe like ten or twelve hours so you should bring some stuff for you to entertain yourself." I said. I stayed with her as she was packing little bit of stuff. Someone knock on her so I got up and answer it for her. 


"Harold we got your text. What sup?" Eleanor said standing a long with Sophia. I let them in Liz room. Lizzy came out of the closet taking out the little clothes that she only haves. 


"Harry, can I have some suit cases now so I can pack and- whoa harry who are these girls. I mean... I'm fine that you have your 'girls' here but just not here." 


"Liz this Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend and this is Sophia, Liam's girlfriends." I introduce them to  her. She awkwardly  wave to them as she put down her clothes still looking at them.


"Why are they here? Don't get me wrong. Nice meet you to. My name is Lizzy but as these dorks call me Liz. You guys can call me Liz as well." She smile. 


"Nice to meet you Liz. Actually Harry had texted us to be here when he could go downstairs and get us."


" I didn't know that you guys were downstairs." I defended myself. "Plus I want you guys to take Liz to shop. You guys have eight hours to shop and be at the airport. I suggest you guys wear something that our fans won't see you. Liz, We will finish your packing with the clothes that you have and take like three suit cases just so you can put more clothes in."


"Yes mother..." Liz sarcastically said to me. I roll my eyes as I see the girl getting their stuff ready to leave.  I just hope they make it in time.





Lizzy's POV



I know I might have agree to get more clothes for the trip but I know I didn't want clothes. These girls went all crazy looking for clothes for me which was pretty funny because we were getting chase by chickens again and when I mean chickens. I mean 'The Fans' -__-. As you can see how I made my face. I know I'm wierd but I like being wired. Like my cat face; :3... ok you could now judge me. Not really but I had fun with the girlfriends. They were outgoing and very nice to me. I told them my past and how the boys reacted. 


"They are just guys that don't get how terrifying it is to have a bad past." Sophia said sitting right next to me.


"I  know they understand me. They brought me to there home and with open arms." I said. I smile as well because it was true. They brought me to their home because I didn't want to be alone and my own mother had abandon me in our own house to live somewhere else.


"That's why we love we our boyfriends because they care so much and so the rest of the boys." El said. "We should get out of this bathroom if we want to make it to your flight with the boys we have like four hours left."


"But the chickens?"




"Yeah I call the 'Directioner' the chickens because one, they run like one and two, they scream like one and three, they chase us like we are food on the floor."


"You have to much imagination." Sophia said.


"That's the best part of my life. Being wired. Normal is boring." I said showing my proud face I have. They were looking at me weird but them laugh. "Ok, ladies. Lets get out of here before I'll be stuck in London and not meet Ellen because I really want to see her." I got up from the sitting position and walk to the door and put my ear by it to hear if I hear the fans. Now I'm wondering. I'm not famous, nor is Sophia and Eleanor. So, why are they chasing us? I need to stop thinking to much about this when we are trying to escape. I hear nothing outside of the bathroom. So the close was clear. "Ok, no one is by the door so we can go." I said. They nod to me as we walk out. We duck down so we won't be caught by the fans. Man, these chickens have energy. As we made it out the mall. We ran to the car when I bump into a tall man and fell. Jeez, that really hurt. I look up and see the man staring at me. I did the same but with a knowing face. If that even make sense. I'm not a very smart girl but I might have seen him somewhere. I just don't know where. 


"Lizzy?" The man ask. How the heck he knows my name. STALKER!! I HAVE A STALKER!! I started to walk backwards wondering where is the girls. 


"Do I know you mister?" I ask.


"It's really is you, Liz. My god you have grown where is your mother?" My eyes widen when he mention my mother. I knew I have seen him somewhere. It's my dad. I have a Father. No duh, Lizzy. How would your mom made you? Ok, I don't want to know that. 


"She's not here. She move and left me here." 


"Alone?" I nod. "Then come with me. You will be living with me." He said and my eyes widen. No! I don't want to live with them. I want to be with the boys. My boys. Where are they when I need them. He try grabbing me by my wrist and I started to scream. Soon Eleanor and Sophia are by my side. 


"Leave her alone. She is with us." El said with a death glare to him.


"She is my daughter. She needs to be with me."


"No sir. She's no longer with you. She lives with One Direction." With that we left running to the car. Sophia turn on the car and left. As we made it to the airport on time. I see the boys standing there in the cold wait for me.


"We'll talk when you get back." El said and I nod and got out.


"There you are Liz." Liam said. I gave him a fake smile.


"Sorry. We got caught by your chickens." 


"Are you ok. You don't sound good?" Harry ask. I fake smile again and nod. "Ok, well we have to go. Are you ready?" I nod. We head inside, go in the check in, and we head out and I see a big plane. 


"Whoa, this is amazing. Is it only for us?"


"Yup and we have our own little room to sleep in." Liam said. This is wicked. I smile really big and this time it's not fake at all. I got in the plane and I see that it looks just like a regular air plane but in the very back. Theres the rooms that Liam was talking about. I want to be with them forever. They treat me more nicer than my own parents but I would never call them that. One Direction is my new family now.







Sooooooooo, I didn't like the bad comments that I've seen in this story. Jeez, so much cyberbullies. I hate that so much. Ohh well. I don't really care. That's one of the reason I didn't update when I said I was.


Anywho, heres a new Chapter. Hope you like it. One other thing. I have school and I pretty much really busy because it's my last year and I need my grades up. I could only type when I have the time but I will really try my best to update another chapter. Just for all you nice ppl. Thank you for reading this story. It means a lot to me. It may not be very good but I try. 


Bye Xxxx


---- Heidi <3 :) 




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